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  • January 17th, 2013

    The Italian Kitchen: Lasagna

    The Italian Kitchen: Lasagna

    Join Viola Buitoni to learn how to make traditional and contemporary versions of this ever favorite Italian dish. After a primer on how to put together a classic Bolognese, Viola will teach you to play with different flours and delicious locally sourced ingredients to impress family and friends during your next dinner party.

    • Lasagna di castagne con porcini e matsutake – Chestnut lasagna with porcini and matsutake
    • Lasagna verde classica alla bolognese – Classic bolognese spinach lasagna
    • Lasagnetta al sugo di peace e zafferano – Individual lasagna with fish and saffron sugo
    • Lasagnetta di grano saraceno al taleggio, porro e cavolo – Individual lasagna with taleggio, leek and cabbage

    $95 / person + tax