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  • October 10th, 2013

    Zucca! Squash & Pumpkin in Italian Cooking

    Pumpkins didn't appear on Italian tables until well into the 16th century, after Columbus found his way to the western hemisphere. Slowly but surely, pumpkins and squashes have established a place on the Italian table. Join Viola Buitoni to discover the inventive and delicious headway this vegetable has made in the regional and contemporary cooking of Italy.


    • Ravioli di Zucca alla Mantovana – Mantua-style pumpkin and amaretti ravioli
    • Risotto alla Zucca con Salvia e Taleggio – Squash risotto with taleggio and sage
    • Gratin di Zucca e Gorgonzola – Pumpkin and blue cheese gratin
    • Zucca in Saor – Pickled fried squash

    $75 / person