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  • November 30th, 2013

    Christmas Tamales

    Christmas Tamales

    Come and get your tamales – Christmas Tamales, that is! Join Chef Laurie MacKenzie for this special holiday class. She is a passionate scholar of Latin American cuisine. In addition to studying Latin American culture, Laurie previously led guided tours through the Mission, and orchestrated cooking and cultural excursions to Oaxaca, Mexico.

    In Latino communities, the Christmas Tamalada is a time for sharing chismes (gossip), family stories, recipes and holiday season preparations. Learn to mix the masa, wrap the tamale (a special skill) and cook these delicious holiday treats. Sample the traditional yet unique Tamale de Cambray from southern Mexico, and a Sweet Pumpkin Tamale made with organic masa and local, seasonal ingredients.

    While the tamales are steaming, create the Christmas Eve Salad and the Ponche (holiday punch). Chef Laurie also shares where to buy hard-to-find ingredients and find the best Mexican food in the Bay Area.


    • Guacamole con Frutas (Guacamole with Fruit)
    • Tamales de Cambray (Three-Meat Picadillo Tamales from Southern Mexico)
    • Tamales de Queso de Cabra con Menta (Goat Cheese and Mint Tamales)
    • Salsa del Molcajete (Salsa from the mortar and pestle)
    • Frijoles Colados (Oaxacan Black Beans)
    • Ensalada de Noche Buena (Christmas Eve Salad)
    • Ponche (Holiday Punch)

    $75 / person + tax – SOLD OUT