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  • August 13th, 2014

    The Spanish Tomato: A New World "Fruit"

    The Spanish Tomato: A New World "Fruit"

    Although the tomato is a relatively new ingredient in Spain (it didn't arrive until after the New World was discovered), what would Spanish cooking be today without it? Although it took a while to catch hold – people thought at first it was poisonous – its introduction into the Old World completely transformed the way Spaniards cook. Hosted by Camila Loew, this workshop features tapas-style recipes starring the tomato. Recipes might include: pan con tomate (rustic bread with tomato) with Spanish ham, tomato salad with sherry vinegar, seasonal herbs and cheese, gazpacho, grilled vegetables with Romesco sauce, shrimp with spicy tomato sauce.

    $85 / person