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  • August 9th, 2014

    "Tomato" or "Tomatoe"? with Happy Girl Kitchen

    "Tomato" or "Tomatoe"? with Happy Girl Kitchen

    With all of the wonderful tomatoes rolling out of our local farms during the warm weather, it would be a shame not to preserve as many as possible for winter. Many of these amazing heirloom tomatoes wouldn't survive the rough and tumble road to the markets. Come join Happy Girl Kitchen Co. to learn the art of preserving these luscious heirlooms and full-flavored Early Girls, and understand the difference in canning methods for the two varieties. Many myths surround canning tomatoes; recipes will have you blanching, peeling and sterilizing until you want to pull your hair out! Learn how to jar tomatoes the Happy Girl Kitchen way – simple and delicious. Learn the tricks and tips to get you on your way to a pantry full of summer tomatoes.

    $135 / person

    To enroll, call 1.888.651.2003