"The cool grey city of love." — George Sterling

Cavallo Point Contributes


Our Philosophy

Cavallo Point shares the commitment to the community and the environment demonstrated by Passport Resorts and its sister properties. The San Francisco hotel management company is internationally known for developing and operating award-winning resorts that promote environmental and social responsibility, support sustainable development, and offer a luxurious and soulful guest experience.

Since its inception in 1998, Passport Resorts has embraced the philosophy that "what is good for our earth is also good for business." Our commitment is to take as little from the environment as possible and to give back as much as we can. All Passport resorts share a reverence for the land, community and local culture.

To manifest this philosophy, we lead by example and pursue these strategies:

  • Create a responsible partnership with the local community
  • Inspire, educate and communicate with staff, community, guests and others
  • Preserve and protect the environment
  • Respect others with whom we share the land, and preserve and impart their culture
  • Develop staff and the local economy, recognizing the impact of local employment
  • Provide opportunities for philanthropy (both guests and corporate donors)
  • Support other non-profits with similar priorities

At Passport Resorts, we pursue what we call "holistic hospitality." This means we engage with guests, staff, the community and nature with intention, integrity and respect. Today, as we see our long-held values regarding environmental stewardship and community support gain momentum around the world, Passport believes that luxury and sustainability are not mutually exclusive, but work ideally together.


Organizations We Support

Since opening in July 2008, donations have included gift certificates; complimentary guest rooms or suites, restaurant meals and spa treatments; use of meeting facilities; event sponsorship; in-kind contributions and other items of value. Among our Bay Area recipients are schools, environment programs, arts & cultural groups, local non-profit and civic organizations, museums and others.

If your organization shares Passport Resorts' vision and values, and you would like Cavallo Point to consider its donation request, we invite you to use our online form. While we are not able to grant every request, we work to accommodate as many as possible.

Donation Request Form


Terms & Conditions Applicable to Donation Form: This donation form includes all requests related to complimentary or discounted room nights, food and beverage services, meeting space, donations, fund raising events and gift certificates. Please allow up to 30 business days to be contacted about the status of your request and at least an additional one month to organize our participation with your event.