Kirsten & Grayson

by Jessica on July 14th, 2014 in Real Weddings | No Comments

Kirsten and Grayson’s wedding is a testament to making the day special and beautiful on a budget.  The couple was able to prioritize the parts of the day that were important to them (amazing venue and food. CHECK.  super fun dance band. CHECK.) and find ways to save on things that fell lower on their priority list.  Kirsten actually arranged her own flowers along with her bridal party, making it a fun activity and huge budget saver.  The result came out just as she had hoped.  The bright green and orange colors brought a lot of fun to the day, and celebrating in Sausalito, where the couple resides, felt extra special.  New Revolution Photography out of Modesto took the pictures, and Anything She Wants provided the atmosphere.

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