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  • Cavallo Point – the Lodge at the Golden Gate
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San Francisco Bay view

About Us


Cavallo Point – one look tells you this is a very special place. Look deeper and you'll find an innovative partnership.

Cavallo Point – the Lodge at the Golden Gate was created by the Fort Baker Retreat Group, a project of Passport Resorts, Equity Community Builders and Ajax Capital Group. The Fort Baker Retreat Group is working with the National Park Service and the Golden Gate National Parks Conservancy in a unique private/public/non-profit alliance to restore, enhance and preserve Fort Baker as a National Park for generations to come.


About Our Name 'Cavallo Point'

The name "Cavallo" is part of the San Francisco Bay's history. It dates from 1775 when a rocky point near Fort Baker was named "Punta de Caballo" by the commander of one of the first European vessels that sailed into the bay. Wild horses once roamed here, and "caballo" is the Spanish word for "horse." Early California settlers started using "Cavallo," as the pronunciation of b and v in Spanish are very close, and the name took hold.


Cavallo Point – the Lodge at the Golden Gate is a fictitious business name for Fort Baker Retreat Subtenant, LLC, a California limited liability company.

Cavallo Point – the Lodge at the Golden Gate is managed by Passport-Ft. Baker Management LLC, which is an affiliate of Passport Resorts LLC. For more information on Passport Resorts LLC and other properties managed by its affiliates, please visit