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  • June 22nd, 2013

    Jams & Preserves with Happy Girl Kitchen

    Jams & Preserves with Happy Girl Kitchen

    What better way to welcome summer and its bounty than to learn the craft of making delicious jams? Work with the owner of Happy Girl Kitchen, Jordan Champagne, as she teaches you her secrets in the kitchen. We will cover all you need to know to make delicious jams and preserve food safely. We always make low-sugar jams that are packed with the freshest seasonal fruit the area has to offer. We begin with an introductory talk covering hot water bath canning, the PH scale and food safety. Then get hands-on with some of the Bay Area's very best produce and learn the techniques to making great preserves at home! We create jams with fresh strawberries and other berries that are in season and learn how to preserve whole berries in a honey syrup. We'll make three different recipes and you will go home with a jar from each. Yum! Meanwhile, as we are jamming and preserving, the cooking school team will be cooking up some tasty tidbits for you to snack on.

    $135 / person + tax – SOLD OUT