a hand in a yoga pose

Guided Meditation Evenings with Tarika Lovegarden - Letting Go Meditation

Location: Cavallo Point
Time: 6:00pm

You may be carrying grudges or holding an emotional charge against yourself or someone in your life. Perhaps you dwell on situations that feel unfair or unresolved. We typically hold onto resentments to protect ourselves from getting hurt again, but unfortunately that often makes us more susceptible to repeating our mistakes. 

Holding onto to the past blinds you to what is happening here-now and disconnects you from your intelligence and wisdom. This guided meditation dissolves grudges so that you can be free to open your heart again and move forward in life.  As you learn to live in the moment and release the pain of the past, you naturally magnetize opportunities to become happy and fulfilled. 

Please note, face coverings are required for unvaccinated attendees.

*Spa Facilities & Meditation Pool are closed during the Meditation Session.

**Spa Treatments are required in addition to Meditation if you’d like to use the Spa Facilities & the Meditation Pool prior to the Meditation Session.