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"Health is not only the absence of disease; it is about vitality, well-being, finding joy and achieving your full potential." — Dr. Brad Jacobs

Manage Stress, Cultivate Resilience

September 26 – 29

5 pm, Thursday – 1 pm, Sunday

Modern life keeps us so busy that we are often over-committed, juggling multiple priorities and feeling out of control. This lifestyle is exhausting, unsustainable and damaging to our health. When life is out of balance, we often make decisions that appease our short-term needs at the expense of long-term health and happiness. This 3-day Optimal Health Retreat enables a shift from 'surviving' to 'thriving', as you learn skills to feel calm, focused and energized.

Using a scientific approach and 20+ years' experience working with Fortune 500 corporate executives and thousands of clients, Dr. Brad and his renowned faculty have crafted a peak life experience. The retreat agenda includes practical techniques, key learnings and enlightening experiences shared by internationally recognized teachers.

Meals Included: 3 Breakfasts (Friday – Sunday) • 3 Lunches (Friday – Sunday) • 3 Dinners (Thursday, Friday & Saturday)





Thursday, September 26

5 – 6:45 pm

Orientation and Dinner – Dr. Brad

In this kick-off session over dinner, retreat participants meet the retreat presenters and fellow participants. This orientation provides tools to understand your tension triggers and challenges. Each participant sets goals to help focus the journey for managing stress and cultivating resilience.

7 – 9 pm

What Makes Your Heart Sing? – Gary Malkin & Bruce Cryer

This unforgettable evening is designed to awaken audiences to the power of inspiration. Through the musical and storytelling talents of Emmy award-winning composer Gary Malkin and former Broadway singer/actor Bruce Cryer, you are taken through a personal journey of entertainment, challenge and inspiration. You'll ask yourself these questions: What makes your heart sing? Are you doing enough of what inspires you? Join us for a thrilling evening of poetry, story and song to arouse your own personal passion. Included in the retreat, this event is also open to the public. $20 advance tickets • $25 at the door

Friday, September 27

7:30 – 8:30 am

Breakfast – Murray Circle

8:30 – 9:30 am

Tai Chi – Joseph Acquah LAc OMD

Tai Chi Chuan is a series of body movements that are mild, gentle and calmly done. For that reason, Tai Chi, as it is now widely known, is often referred to as a moving meditation. Although one of the three forms of internal martial arts used for self-defense, Tai Chi is practiced today by most people for its benefits in various health conditions. These include reducing stress and hypertension, improving balance and coordination, and many others written about in "The Harvard Medical School Guide to Tai Chi."

9:45 – 11:15 am

Embracing the Calm Beneath the Storm – Joel Kimmel

Modern life provides us with an overwhelming number of opportunities and challenges. Too often we feel over-stimulated yet under-whelmed by what we actually accomplish each day. In this workshop, you learn how the stories you tell and the language you use can either limit or expand what you are capable of feeling and doing. Through this process, you discover how to dampen worry, doubt and anxiety; and generate confidence, calm and clarity.

11:30 – 4:30 pm

'Captain Your Own Ship' Sailing Adventure & Lunch – Mike Martin & Anthony Sandberg

Sir Ernest Shackleton's 1914-15 voyage to Antarctica aboard Endurance is one of the greatest tales of leadership and heroism of all time. Through activities, focused reflection and epic sailing, you chart your own personal journey through this unbelievable true story. As it unfolds, parallels are made and explored between your life, triggers and stress points, and those of Captain Shackleton as he labored to save his crew from certain death. You gain an understanding of the situations that generate your personal stress responses, and memorable lessons from Shackleton, his crew and those with you to deal with life's unpredictable seas.

4:30 – 6:15 pm

Free Time – Enjoy Spa Services, Relax, Hike, Explore

Part of the pleasure of a retreat at Cavallo Point is simply allowing the energy of your experience to guide you toward what you need most. Options are many. Explore the grounds with a gentle walk or vigorous hike. Visit the Healing Arts Center & Spa for a transformative mind-body healing or luxuriating treatment. Relax in the heated meditation pool. Write in your journal at a peaceful spot by the bay. See our retreat staff for other activities to maximize your free time while on retreat.

6:30 pm

Dinner – Murray Circle

Savor a memorable dinner hosted by Executive Chef Justin Everett in the acclaimed Murray Circle restaurant.

Saturday, September 28

7 – 8 am

Breakfast – Murray Circle

8 – 9:45 am

Meditation, Yoga & Prana – MC Yogi & Amanda Giacomini

Get ready to feel blessed, de-stressed and pumped up by the beats and guidance of MC Yogi! This yoga phenomenon of an instructor began the basic way: in a small, West Marin studio, co-owned with wife Amanda Giacomini, where Vinyasa Flow is their practice of choice. Since those foundational years, the powerhouse couple has grown into a worldwide, yoga-music sensation. In this workshop, they teach students to "step into their greatness," while enjoying a sensory, beat-driven yoga experience.

9:45 – 10 am


10 am – 12 pm

Six Pillars of Healthy Living – Dr. Brad

Modern life keeps us so busy that we are often overcommitted, juggling multiple priorities and feeling out of control. This lifestyle is exhausting, unsustainable and potentially damaging to health. Research shows that 70-90% of health conditions can be prevented or adequately managed through lifestyle alone. The cornerstone of Dr. Brad's innovative solution is "Six Pillars of Healthy Living." In this workshop, you complete his Six Pillars of Healthy Living questionnaire to determine areas where you excel and those that need more attention. You leave this experience with practical tools to increase vitality, joy, health and well-being – all important to sustaining change.

The Six Pillars of Healthy Living include:

  1. Stress & Resilience
  2. Nutrition & Healthy Eating
  3. Restorative Sleep
  4. Fitness & Active Living
  5. Relationships & Communication
  6. Finding Passion and Purpose
12 – 1 pm


1 – 3 pm

What Makes Your Heart Sing? Workshop – Bruce Cryer, Gary Malkin and Dr. Brad

Expanding on Thursday's presentation of 'What Makes Your Heart Sing?', this workshop is designed to awaken a new capacity within yourself and bring inspiration into your daily life both personally and professionally. You are guided to discover the talents and passions that lie within your own heart – those that need to be dusted off or enhanced to develop new inspiration and joy in your life. Through activities combining creativity, art, poetry and song, you discern essential catalysts to lead an inspired life and create a plan for living it every day. Beyond just an inspirational idea, 'What Makes Your Heart Sing?' will be part of how you live.

3 – 5 pm

Cavallo Point's "Backyard Hikes" – Cavallo Point Hiking Guides

Cavallo Point is located on over 80,000 acres in the Golden Gate National Recreation Area. Breathe fresh sea air, take a hike and explore our backyard with seasoned guides. You'll find outstanding views of the Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco Bay and Pacific Ocean.

5:30 – 8:30 pm

Culinary Stress Management: Cooking As Meditation

Dinner at Cavallo Point Cooking School – Chef Jayne Reichert

You now understand the profound impact of "having too much on your plate," figuratively speaking. Now find sweet relief in the kitchen when Chef Jayne introduces you to the art of "Cooking as Meditation." She demonstrates small, meditative culinary acts, which help manage stress. This experiential, hands-on class explores:

Sunday, September 29

7:30 – 8:30 am


8:30 – 10 am

Restorative Yoga – Amanda Giacomini

Start the day with acclaimed yoga teacher Amanda Giacomini. This series of soothing and well-supported poses offers an opportunity to linger quietly for a few moments and savor the simple sweetness of life. Restorative poses have a particular ability to leave us nourished and well rested. Usually deeply supported by blankets, blocks or other props, these postures are held for several minutes at a time.

10 – 10:30 am

Snack break

10:30 am – 12 pm

Closing: Practical Tools for Managing Stress in the Real World – Dr. Brad

While it's time to bring to a close an insightful retreat weekend, you won't walk away empty-handed! Dr. Brad and his team review tools and next steps that ensure success in cultivating resilience to move beyond stress. You leave with your retreat workbook and take-home activities that include a compilation of experiential exercises, questions to consider, thoughtful quotations, and proven tips to conquer stress.

12 – 1 pm


Overnight guests: Please remember room check-out time is noon.

1 pm

Farewell or Stay to Enjoy Spa Services



Reservations or Information: 415.339.4777

Retreat Package Details: Package includes retreat activities as noted and all meals (three breakfasts, three lunches and three dinners). Spa services and free-time activities are not included in package price. Prices do not include taxes, gratuities or alcoholic beverages. Package subject to availability and may not be combined with other offers or rates. Refunds or credit on any unused portion of the package are unavailable. Extended stays may be available at special room rates. Package rates include lodging in a Historic or Contemporary Standard King room; upgrades are available at higher rates. Full payment is due at time of booking and is refundable if cancelled by September 19.



Cavallo Point's Resident Doctor of Integrative Health

Bradly Jacobs MD, MPH, ABIHM offers complete solutions for healthy, vibrant living by integrating modern medicine with established wisdom and traditional East-West practices. Dr. Brad leads public and corporate retreats and workshops and maintains a private medical practice with 2 offices located at Cavallo Point Lodge and in downtown San Francisco, California. He graduated from Stanford University School of Medicine, holds a Master's Degree of Public Health from UC Berkeley, and is a Diplomate of the American Board of Integrative and Holistic Medicine. As the former Founding Medical Director and Endowed Chair of the UCSF Osher Center for Integrative Medicine, Dr. Brad combines acupuncture, herbal medicine, nutrition, yoga and martial arts with his conventional training. A national leader in integrative medicine, and health & wellness, he has held workshops for Oprah University, the Gap, Google, as well as Stanford and Harvard Business Schools. He is also senior author of "The American College of Physicians (ACP) Evidence-Based Guide to Complementary and Alternative Medicine." Dr. Brad is Chair of the Medical Advisory Board for Pharmaca Inc.

MC Yogi & Amanda Giacomini

Hip hop mogul Russell Simmons has been quoted as saying, "The world needs more artists like MC Yogi." MC Yogi pioneered a new sound when he blended together his love of yoga culture with hip hop, reggae and electronic music. His albums Elephant Power and Pilgrimage are top sellers on the iTunes world music charts, and their popularity has made him a household name in the global yoga community. He created widely seen videos that supported Barack Obama, became an ambassador for Michelle Obama's Let's Move initiative, and supported Yoga Aid, helping raise over $2 million. MC Yogi's wife Amanda Giacomini is an internationally recognized yoga teacher, artist, and illustrator. As a yogini, she began her studies over 20 years ago and met her husband Nicolas, now known as MC Yogi, at a yoga teacher training at age 25. The pair began to weave a creative life together based on a common goal to uplift the world through yoga, music and art. Since founding their yoga studio in Point Reyes in 2001, they have taught all over the world at yoga festivals and conferences, elementary schools, yoga studios, teaching centers, museums including the Smithsonian, and the White House. Amanda is frequently featured in yoga publications.

Joseph S. Acquah, LAc, OMD

The Tai Chi Doctor

Joseph Acquah has practiced both acupuncture and the Art of Tai Chi Chuan for over 25 years. A founding member of the Osher Center's clinical staff, he participates in all departments – Clinic, Education and Research. Joseph regularly teaches medical students at UCSF, was adjunct professor at Antioch University, and taught at Emperors College of Oriental Medicine, New England School of Acupuncture, and American College of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Joseph is the former Clinical Director and Internship Coordinator for the California Acupuncture College and was an expert consultant for the California Acupuncture Examination Committee. He is a nationally recognized Diplomate in Acupuncture (NCCAOM) and has a master's degree in Clinical Psychology. In 1995, Essence Magazine named Joseph one of the top 100 alternative practitioners in the U.S. He is author of The Legal Status of Acupuncture in the United States.

Anthony Sandberg & Mike Martin

Mike Martin believes in the power of play, the significance of inquiry, and paying close attention to life's teachable moments. He works within communities and corporations, challenging beliefs, making people laugh and removing roadblocks that keep individuals and teams from moving forward together. After a leadership career in recreation and outdoor education, he shifted gears in 2000 and become interested in how adults learn and the best ways to teach them. He earned his Master's degree in Instructional Design and Technology from California State University, Chico, using this academic rigor to complement his high-energy, cooperative and interactive programs. Currently, Mike is director of training and development for Build.com.

In 1979, Anthony Sandberg founded Olympic Circle Sailing Club (OCSC) with a single borrowed J24 sailboat. Since then, OCSC has become one the world's premier sailing schools, with a fleet of 50 boats based in Berkeley, a staff of 80 and 25,000 adults who have learned to sail. Although he never took a formal sailing lesson, he was a water baby growing up in Hawaii and had an intuitive sense about sailing. An active sailor since childhood, he is passionate about the sport and sharing its heritage, history and traditions. Today, OCSC offers a portal to a lifetime of adventure, by providing access to the best of sailing in an approachable, affordable way.

Bruce Cryer & Gary Malkin

Bruce Cryer served for 11 years as CEO of HeartMath, providing products and technology to boost performance and health while reducing stress. After health challenges started in 2009, he transitioned to roles that matched his passions for healthcare, global development and inspiration. A former actor/singer/dancer on Broadway, Bruce's lengthy background in music informs his new role as "keynote performer" on aligning your work with what is most alive in your heart. He co‚Äźauthored From Chaos to Coherence: The Power to Change Performance and the Harvard Business Review article Pull the Plug on Stress. A faculty member of the Stanford Executive Program since 1997, Bruce was named a Top 50 Thought Leader in Personal Excellence.

Gary Malkin is a multiple Emmy® award-winning composer and public speaker dedicated to making a difference by creating music-driven events and products that inspire the heart and catalyze healing. He is passionate about the role music can serve as a resource to reduce stress and deepen our sense of meaning in an increasingly complex world. He is co-creator of the acclaimed Graceful Passages, a CD/book that guides patients, caregivers and family members to face major life transitions with mindfulness, presence and compassion. Gary has presented at many conferences and institutions globally. He has also been featured on the national PBS TV program, Healing Quest, in the Huffington Post, and on numerous radio talk shows.

Joel Kimmel

Joel's career is focused on the fundamental elements of language and the interactive process, which gives people the ability to access and live a life of authentic satisfaction and engagement. When working with Joel, people come together around a co-designed vision, allowing each person to express himself or herself fully. As his work unfolds, people are willing to take on challenging conversations with a renewed sense of confidence, trust and understanding. Joel's diverse background includes being a small business owner, seminar leader, keynote speaker, ultra-marathon runner, world rowing champion and Vietnam veteran. He is a recent recipient of the "Presidential Call to Service Award" for his volunteer work with the National Park Service.

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