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Tarika Lovegarden

Guided Meditation Evenings with Tarika Lovegarden

Based on her Stanford University meditation series, Tarika Lovegarden leads a guided meditation session on the 1st Wednesday of each month. Learn how to become centered and receptive to your inner strengths, opportunities and the people in your life.


Spa Treatments

Authentic, organic, soothing

Massage, aromatherapy, body treatments and water therapies have been vital elements in the practice of healing arts for thousands of years. Today we understand that bodywork has many benefits for the mind, body and spirit. It relieves muscle tension, helps the healing process, improves circulation, soothes mental stress, reduces anxiety, and fosters relaxation and peace of mind.

* Please note that guests of the Healing Arts Center & Spa must be 18 years or older. Outside food and drink of any kind is not permitted.

Spa Treatments: MassageBody TreatmentsSkincare
Healing Arts Services: AcupunctureClinical MassageNutrition & TrainingEnergy WorkMeditationHypnotherapy & Guided ImageryHealing ArtsHerbs



Reflecting ancient practices, all massages, hands-on treatments and baths feature organic or wild-crafted ingredients blended exclusively for Cavallo Point. Our therapists are highly trained and take the utmost care to maintain your comfort and privacy. Please inform them of any concern or issue you have.

Deep Tissue Massage
Firm, Release Muscle Tension
60 minutes – $185 (weekday) / $195 (weekend)
90 minutes – $270 (weekday) / $280 (weekend)

Clinical Massage
For Clinical Massage details, click here

Cupping & Massage
Traditional, Releasing, Detoxifying
60 minutes – $190 (weekday) / $200 (weekend)
90 minutes – $285 (weekday) / $295 (weekend)

Organic Massage
Traditional, Therapeutic, Swedish
60 minutes – $175 (weekday) / $185 (weekend)
90 minutes – $260 (weekday) / $270 (weekend)

Cavallo Point Signature Massage
Stretching, Flowing, Ethereal
60 minutes – $185 (weekday / $195 (weekend)
90 minutes – $270 (weekday) / $280 (weekend)

Your Own Aromatherapy Massage
Personalized, Intentional, Aromatherapy
60 minutes – $195 (weekday) / $205 (weekend)
90 minutes – $280 (weekday) / $290 (weekend)
Price includes custom 8 oz. home-care product – a $37 value

Himalayan Salt Stone Massage
Hot, Grounding, Salt Stones
60 minutes – $185 (weekday) / $195 (weekend)
90 minutes – $270 (weekday) / $280 (weekend)

Compressions, Stretching, Ancient
60 minutes – $185 (weekday) / $195 (weekend)
90 minutes – $260 (weekday) / $270 (weekend)

Balancing, Revitalizing, Tranquil
60 minutes – $175 (weekday) / $185 (weekend)
90 minutes – $260 (weekday) / $270 (weekend)

Mama Goddess
Pre-Natal, Nurturing, Relaxing
60 minutes – $175 (weekday) / $185 (weekend)

Head & Sole
Feet, Scalp, Heavenly
60 minutes – $175 (weekday) / $185 (weekend)

Couples Massage
Receive a massage side by side in our Couples Room
60 minutes – $370 (weekday) / $390 (weekend)
90 minutes – $540 (weekday) / $560 (weekend)

Relaxing, Serene, Private

Most of our guest suites can accommodate massage treatments. Ask our reservation agent about our in-suite selection. Please note that in-suite treatments must be booked 48 hours in advance.

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Body Treatments

Mud wraps and salt scrubs have long been used to detoxify and re-mineralize the body. Our 60-minute scrubs and mud wrap conclude with a brief, gentle massage. All Ultimate Experiences conclude with a full-body massage. Ultimate Experiences also include an exfoliation and wrap. Head, Body & Sole combines a salt scrub of your choice with a Head & Sole massage. Infrared Salt Ritual combines a salt scrub and infrared wrap with a full-body Himalayan Salt Stone Massage.

Lavender Salt Scrub
Divine, Polishing, Hydrating
60 minutes – $180 (weekday) / $190 (weekend)

Himalayan Salt Scrub
Cedar, Grounding, Re-Mineralizing
60 minutes – $180 (weekday) / $190 (weekend)

Signature Salt Scrub
Eucalyptus, Arnica, Softening
60 minutes – $180 (weekday) / $190 (weekend)

Detox Earth Wrap
Purifying Clay, Thermal, Re-Mineralizing
60 minutes – $180 (weekday) / $190 (weekend)

ZENaissance Wrap
Hydrating Scrub, Nourishing Wrap, Scalp
60 minutes – $180 (weekday) / $190 (weekend)

Detox Earth Ritual
Exfoliating, Thermal Clay Wrap, Grounding Massage
120 minutes – $345 (weekday) / $355 (weekend)

Infrared Salt Ritual
Scrub, Infrared Wrap, Hot Salt-Stone Massage
2 hours – $345 (weekday) / $355 (weekend)

Ultimate Bliss
Custom Aromatherapy Wrap, Scalp, Massage
2 hours – $345 (weekday) / $355 (weekend)

Ultimate Relief
Muscle Wrap, Herbal Poultices, Therapeutic Massage
2 hours – $345 (weekday) / $355 (weekend)

Head, Body & Sole
Body Scrub, Scalp Oil, Foot Massage
2 hours – $345 (weekday) / $355 (weekend)

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We selected Luzern, Organic Male and others as our skincare lines for their beautiful products and pure results. Reflecting our own social and environmental values, these companies use sustainably harvested ingredients and avoid petroleum-based products, harsh surfactants and parabens.

NEW! Dermalinfusion Facial
Exfoliates, extracts & serum infusion
60 minutes – $225 (weekday) / $235 (weekend)
90 minutes – $305 (weekday) / $315 (weekend)

Cavallo Signature Facial
Grape Stem Cells, Vitamin C, Cutting Edge
60 minutes – $175 (weekday) / $185 (weekend)
90 minutes – $260 (weekday) / $270 (weekend)

Oxygen Facial
Plumping, Youthful, Glow
60 minutes – $185 (weekday) / $195 (weekend)
90 minutes – $270 (weekday) / $280 (weekend)

Glowing Goddess Ritual
Lush, Holistic, Organic Cosmoceuticals
60 minutes – $175 (weekday) / $185 (weekend)

Rejuvenating Facial Cupping
60 minutes – $185 (weekday) / $195 (weekend)
90 minutes – $270 (weekday) / $280 (weekend)

Facial Fitness – Skincare for Men
Sophisticated, Bioactive, Boosting
60 minutes – $175 (weekday) / $185 (weekend)
90 minutes – $260 (weekday) / $270 (weekend)

Grape Glow Top-To-Toe
Antioxidant Body Wrap, Scalp, Signature Facial
120 minutes – $345 (weekday) / $355 (weekend)

Collagen Mask
Add-on to any facial – $45 (weekday) / $55 (weekend)

Microcurrent Facial-Lift
Rejuvenating, Toning, Firming
60 minutes – $185 (weekday) / $195 (weekend)
90 minutes – $270 (weekday) / $280 (weekend)

Ultimate Anti-Aging Facial
Red Light Therapy, Oxygen, Microcurrent
120 minutes – $345 (weekday) / $355 (weekend)

Deluxe Purifying Facial
Blue Light Therapy, Calming, Decongesting
90 minutes – $260 (weekday) / $270 (weekend)

Microcurrent Lift Enhancement
Targeted, Toning, Firming
Add-on to any 60- or 90-minute facial only
30 minutes – $85 (weekday) / $95 (weekend)

Red Light Therapy Treatment
Stimulating, Healing, Regenerating
Add-on to any 60- or 90-minute facial only
30 minutes – $85 (weekday) / $95 (weekend)

Microcurrent Eye & Lip Enhancement
Add-on to any facial – $45 (weekday) / $55 (weekend)

Regular Makeup Application for Special Occasion
60 minutes – $165 (weekday) / $175 (weekend)

Private Makeup Lesson
90 minutes – $225 (weekday) / $235 (weekend)

Wedding Day Makeup for Bride
(includes false eyelash application)
90 minutes – $300 (weekday) / $310 (weekend)

Bridal Party
45 minutes – $150 (weekday) / $160 (weekend)

Wedding Makeup Trial
90 minutes – $160 (weekday) / $170 (weekend)

False Eyelash Application
$25 (weekday) / $35 (weekend)

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Healing Arts Services

Ways to enhanced well-being

We are located at the Golden Gate, a place were many transformative pathways have begun. Nurture is woven throughout the Cavallo Point culture, and our healing arts services reflect the intention to create a nurturing place where all are welcome. Our experts will guide you on a path that helps release physical, mental and energy blocks to create the healthy life you envision.

All services are provided by professionals in their respective fields and are subject to their availability.


Among the oldest healing practices in the world, acupuncture is used to treat physical, emotional and mental imbalances. It aims to restore and maintain health by stimulating specific points on the body, generally by inserting a thin (almost hair-like) needle into the skin.

60 minutes – $175 (weekday) / $185 (weekend)

Acupuncture & Massage
90 minutes – $260 (weekday) / $270 (weekend)

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Clinical Massage

More focused and therapeutic, clinical massage focuses on treating injuries, chronic pain and other specific conditions. These treatments are results-driven and not necessarily a full body treatment. For optimal results, a 90-minute initial consultation is recommended so that the therapist can gather background information. more

Initial Consultation
90 minutes – $270 (weekday) / $280 (weekend)

Follow-up Sessions
60 minutes – $185 (weekday) / $195 (weekend)
90 minutes – $270 (weekday) / $280 (weekend)

Cupping & Massage
Traditional, Releasing, Detoxifying
60 minutes – $190 (weekday) / $200 (weekend)
90 minutes – $285 (weekday) / $295 (weekend)

Ask about Clinical Series programs.

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Nutrition & Training

Nutrition – Getting to Know You
Review lifestyle preferences to create a personalized plan to meet your healthy goals.
60 minutes – $170 (weekday) / $180 (weekend)

Personal Training
Customized work out session with a certified personal trainer.
60 minutes – $115 (weekday) / $125 (weekend)

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Energy Work

Therapeutic Touch
Combining Reiki, Jin-Shin, Healing Touch and other modalities, Therapeutic Touch increases energy and mental clarity, alleviates stress and pain, and creates a sense of harmony.
60 minutes – $175 (weekday) / $185 (weekend)

Chakra Energy Balancing
Experience this innovative energy-work technique with Tarika Lovegarden to release stagnant energy from your seven chakras, strengthening and harmonizing every dimension of your life.
60 minutes – $185 (weekday) / $195 (weekend)

NEW! Body Journey
The powerful modalities of deep/intricate massage, sound healing (using voice toning and crystal bowls), and acupressure energy-work are seamlessly blended in this deeply healing experience that simultaneously works on the physical and the energetic levels.
120 minutes – $375 (weekday) / $385 (weekend)

NEW! The Body Code
Feel more energy, clarity, and a greater sense of peace within your body and life with this experience that incorporates applied kinesiology and dialoguing with the subconscious mind. Uncover and release energetic imbalances of all kinds – physical, mental, emotional – with this gentle, non-invasive modality.
60 minutes – $220 (weekday) / $230 (weekend)

NEW! Energy Clearing
This form of touchless healing removes negative or unwanted energy from your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual auric fields. Combining reiki techniques and chakra therapy, these individualized sessions work with your unique energy systems to promote health, heal intimate relationships, and support spiritual development.
60 minutes – $195 (weekday) / $205 (weekend)

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Meditation Massage
Enhance your massage with a guided meditation to facilitate a deeper release of tension and stress. Connect with yourself in profound and fulfilling ways.
60 minutes – $185 (weekday) / $195 (weekend)

Meditation Step-by-Step
For beginning and experienced meditators
Learn the basics of meditation. Come into the moment, and learn how to become centered in your strengths and the essence of who you are.
60 minutes – $175 (weekday) / $185 (weekend)

Transformative Meditations
Experience the transforming power of meditation. Focus on a specific issue to become free of limiting mindsets and emotions for greater ease and harmony in any aspect of your life.
60 minutes – $175 (weekday) / $185 (weekend)

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Hypnotherapy & Guided Imagery

A reliable method to support optimum health, calm the psyche and reduce constant brain chatter, hypnotherapy creates a quiet space where new perspectives are recognized and developed. Learn to use your tremendous power of imagination and be the architect of your life.

Dealing with Addiction Behavior
Begin the change. Learn basic tools to modify your habits and mind.
90 minutes – $240 (weekday) / $250 (weekend)

Overcoming Blocks
Boost your creativity and motivation, overcoming obstacles that hold you back. Change your attitude to envision positive outcomes and achieve your goals.
60 minutes – $170 (weekday) / $180 (weekend)

Taking Control of Your Weight
Identify the underlying factors that contribute to your weight problems and learn skills to help you overcome them.
90 minutes – $240 (weekday) / $250 (weekend)

Freedom from Anxiety
Gain a fresh perspective and get immediate relief from stress and anxiety.
60 minutes – $170 (weekday) / $180 (weekend)

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Healing Arts

Shamanic Journeys
Indigenous cultures of the Americas have long known we are connected to all of nature. In the medicine wheel's sacred and safe space, your shaman engages the forces of nature and the ancestors' ancient wisdom to create lasting changes for physical, mental and emotional well-being.

Sessions combine these ancient processes:
– Illumination
– Soul Retrieval
– Destiny Retrieval and Divination
– Bands of Power

Available on select weekends.
1 person, 1.5 hours – $315 (weekday) / $325 (weekend)
1 person, 2 hours – $365 (weekday) / $375 (weekend)
2 people, 2 hours – $515 (weekday) / $525 (weekend)

NEW! Neuro-Graphic Art
Experience new reality through image to relieve emotions & stress. NeuroArt is an effective art tool which helps to change our reality through engaging our emotional and aesthetic intelligence to find solutions to a variety of problems. Clearly defined steps that one has to follow contribute to a stressfree onboarding and to an enjoyable and satisfying process of drawing, followed by fast and inevitable positive changes in people’s lives.
1 person, 120 minutes – $250 (weekday) / $260 (weekend)
2 people, 150 minutes – $300 (weekday) / $310 (weekend)

NEW! Cacao Ceremony & Journey
Experience this deeply somatic, meditative journey that celebrates the sacred and connects mind-body-soul-spirit, while guiding and enhancing your life path. Set your intention and come away with renewed inspiration, enhanced clarity, and inner connection.
1 person, 2 hours – $345 (weekday) / $355 (weekend)
2 people, 2.5 hours – $495 (weekday) / $505 (weekend)

NEW! Intuitive Readings
Find peace and direction on your path, move through blocks and leave with renewed connection by communicating with loved ones who have passed and with your guides.
1 person, 90 minutes – $315 (weekday) / $325 (weekend)
2 people, 120 minutes – $515 (weekday) / $525 (weekend)

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Throughout the centuries, herbs have been an integral part of day to day living. Their fragrances uplift spirits, their flavors enhance foods, and their chemical compounds can aid the body in healing aches, pains and other ailments.

Herbal Consultations
Areas of focus include:
– Deep Immune Health
– Sleep Well, Be Well
– Digestive Health
– Stress Relief

60 minutes – $170 (weekday) / $180 (weekend)

The Complete Herbal Intake
An extensive interview assessing your health allows the herbalist to develop a personalized herbal blend and strategies to live in a place of profound health.
2 hours – $340 (weekday) / $350 (weekend)

Healing Gardens
Enhance your well-being with a trained herbalist and master gardener who works with you to design a little, customized herb garden that is creative and healing. This consultation melds three areas of benefit: crafting a planter box with plants chosen to address your personal life issues or transitions, enjoying the therapeutic aspects of gardening, and using the plants for healing purposes after they have grown. 48-hour advanced booking required.
60 minutes – starts at $170 (weekday) / $180 (weekend)
(Price includes pot, herbs and planting materials)

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Visting Practitioners

Jon Rasmussen

Jon Rasmussen
Jon Rasmussen is a healer and intuitive by birth. A graduate of the Healing the Light Body® School, and Thetahealing™ instructor, he has studied and practiced numerous personal growth and health traditions for over 20 years. Jon received a spontaneous kundalini awakening in 1979 and was initiated into the Native American shamanic energy medicine practices in 1995. Having experienced multiple near-deaths by the age of 26, he made a conscious decision to live life to the fullest and follow his passion for helping people feel better and create the life they want by being fully empowered and free. Jon now walks between the worlds shamanically, most recently receiving the full rites of the Inka Shaman in Peru from the Q'ero elders.


Spa Reservations

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Cancellation Policy: Please provide 24 hours' notice if you must cancel or reschedule your service to avoid being charged a full service fee.


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