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The San Francisco Milk Maid

Cheesemaking & Tasting with The San Francisco Milk Maid

Join Louella Hill, The San Francisco Milk Maid, for entertaining and delicious cheesemaking & tasting fun. Upcoming classes include: Crazy Cheese Fun; DIY Cheesemaking; and Eat, Taste, Learn.

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September 2014


Closed for Private Event

Wednesday, September 24th


Traditional Paella

Thursday, September 25th 6:30 – 9:30 pm

Tradition has it that true paella in Valencia is cooked only by men, over an open fire, fueled by orange and pine branches and pine cones. We’ll have to adjust that a bit. Join Camila Loew for a Paella Party featuring an Autumn influenced paella prepared by a medley of guests (that’s you) over a not-so-open fire.

$75 / person

To enroll, call 1.888.651.2003

Cooking From the Farmers' Market

Friday, September 26th 6 – 10 pm

This hands-on cooking class features seasonal produce grown within miles of Cavallo Point, hand selected fresh from local farmers and purveyors. Prepare and learn about local Bay Area ocean-fresh fish and sustainably raised meats. Your delicious culinary creations will be mindfully matched with complementary wines.

$125 / person

DIY Cheesemaking with The Milk Maid

Saturday, September 27th 1 – 4 pm

Join Louella Hill, The San Francisco Milk Maid, for an afternoon of hands-on cheesemaking fun. In this entertaining and delicious class, you won't just learn how to trick milk into magical curds, you'll also roll up your sleeves and craft your very own fresh cheeses; fromage blanc, fragrant feta and crème fraîche. Class includes easy-to-follow recipes, a take-home cheese project and more home cheesemaking enthusiasm than you even thought possible.

$125 / person

Attendees are advised to secure long hair, wear comfortable shoes, and bring take-home containers (8-16 oz.) for their freshly made cheeses.