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The San Francisco Milk Maid

Cheesemaking & Tasting with The San Francisco Milk Maid

Join Louella Hill, The San Francisco Milk Maid, for entertaining and delicious cheesemaking & tasting fun. Upcoming classes include: Burrata by Hand; Crazy Cheese Fun; DIY Cheesemaking; and Eat, Taste, Learn.

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August 2014


Tapas from Southern Spain

Friday, August 1st 6:30 – 9:30 pm

Although many people misleadingly believe that tapas are a national Spanish custom, Andalusía, southern Spain, is the true home of the tapa. In this hands-on workshop, we will learn what real tape is the Andalusian way (which means: with a generous dose of olive oil, wine and conversation). Some of the tapas we will prepare – both traditional and modern – are: patatas bravas (potatoes with alioli and brava sauce) fried eggplant strips, clams in salsa verde, revuelto de ajetes y gambas (scallion and baby shrimp scramble), tomatoes aliñaos (marinated tomatoes), pincho moruno (pork skewer).

$85 / person – SOLD OUT

The Asian Melting Pot: Shanghai

Saturday, August 2nd 1 – 4 pm

Join Chef Linda Tay Esposito to create some of these classic and beloved Shanghainese dishes.


  • Ma Lan Tou – Tofu Chrysanthemum and Parsley Salad
  • Kao Fu – Braised Seitan with Mushroom Medley
  • Lion Head Meatballs – Pork Meatballs Braised with Napa Cabbage
  • Dong Bo Pork – Braised Pork Belly
  • Crystal Shrimp with Egg White
  • Nian Gou – Rice Cakes with Chicken, Mushrooms and Cabbage

$85 / person

To enroll, call 1.888.651.2003

Tomato or Tomatoe? with Happy Girl Kitchen

Saturday, August 9th 1 - 4 pm

With all of the wonderful tomatoes rolling out of our local farms in early fall's warm weather, it would be a shame not to preserve as many as possible for our rainy winters. Many of these amazing heirloom tomatoes wouldn't survive the rough and tumble road to the markets. Come join Happy Girl Kitchen Co. at the Cavallo Point Cooking School to learn the art of preserving these luscious heirlooms and full-flavored Early Girls, and understand the difference in canning methods for the two varieties.

Many myths surround canning tomatoes; recipes will have you blanching, peeling and sterilizing until you want to pull your hair out! In this workshop, you'll learn how to jar tomatoes the Happy Girl Kitchen way – simple and delicious. Learn the tricks and tips to get you on your way to a pantry full of summer tomatoes.

$135 / person

To enroll, call 1.888.651.2003

The Spanish Tomato: A New World "Fruit"

Wednesday, August 13th 6:30 – 9:30 pm

Although the tomato is a relatively new ingredient in Spain (it didn’t arrive until after the New World was discovered), what would Spanish cooking be today without it? Although it took a while to catch hold (people thought it was poisonous at first), its introduction into the Old World completely transformed the way Spaniards cook. In this workshop hosted by Camila Loew, we will feature tapas style recipes starring the tomato. Recipes might include: pan con tomate (rustic bread with tomato) with Spanish ham, Tomato salad with sherry vinegar, seasonal herbs and cheese, gazpacho, grilled vegetables with Romesco sauce, shrimp with spicy tomato sauce

$85 / person

To enroll, call 1.888.651.2003

Summer Pickles with Happy Girl Kitchen Co.

Thursday, August 14th 1 - 4 pm

Join Happy Girl Kitchen Co. co-founder Jordan Champagne and dive into the wonderful world of pickles and fermented foods. After an introductory discussion covering hot-water-bath canning, the pH scale and food safety, learn how to create and care for living vegetable ferments and the nourishing tonics of fermented foods.

$135 / person

To enroll, call 1.888.651.2003

Mark & Talia Kurlansky – International Night

Saturday, August 23rd 3 – 6 pm


A Book Passage Cooking Class

Once a week in the Kurlansky home, Mark and his young daughter spun the globe. The country on which her finger landed set the stage for that week’s dinner. This tradition morphed into a cookbook. There are 52 specific and simple dinner meals that include appetizers, main and side dishes, and a dessert for a full 250 recipes. Readers will enjoy the stories, insights, culture and history from his travels all over the the world. Mark Kurlansky is a playwright, journalist, and author of several books. If you have children who enjoy cooking, this may be the time to bring them. Seats are limited.

$125 / person

Burrata by Hand with The Milk Maid

Friday, August 29th 1 – 4 pm

Join Louella Hill, The San Francisco Milk Maid, for an afternoon of hands-on cheesemaking fun. In this entertaining and delicious class, you won't just learn how to trick milk into magical curds, you'll also roll up your sleeves to learn how to stretch then stuff your very own burrata. Class includes easy-to-follow recipes, take-home cheeses and more home cheesemaking enthusiasm than you even thought possible.

$125 / person

To enroll, call 1.888.651.2003

Attendees are advised to secure long hair, wear comfortable shoes, and bring take-home containers for their freshly made cheeses.

Labor Day Fun Food Celebration

Saturday, August 30th 5 – 9 pm

$125 / adults
$55 / kids ages 6 – 12

To enroll, call 1.888.651.2003