Celebrating Lucky Number 13 with a Special Discount!

by Jessica on August 13th, 2012 in News & Events | No Comments

When people think of the number 13, there is a general idea of the “unlucky” nature of this number.  Elevators in many hotels skip straight from 12 to 14.  People await bad luck on Fridays that fall on the 13th day of the month.  Personally, however, I think 13 is a lucky day, and on this 13th day of August I am excited to share with you some facts to prove my point.

Many 13 wearing sports figures have garnered great success while donning the number from Alex Rodrigues with the New York Yankees to famed football player Dan Marino. In Italy, 13 is actually considered a lucky number and is even represented in jewelry as a good luck charm. 

As we move closer to 2013, I want to celebrate “13″ as a lucky number to be wed, and am excited to offer an additional 25% off the Friday/Sunday facility fee for the following fun dates: 3/3/13 and 12/13/13.  That’s right- not only will you have an easy to remember anniversary, but a $4,500 facility fee for your wedding at Cavallo Point!

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