Stacey and Garen, Worth the Wait

by Jessica on December 12th, 2012 in Real Weddings | No Comments

Stacey and Garen are such an amazing couple, who had been together nearly two decades by the time we began the plans for their winter nuptuals.  In Stacey’s words, they were a “summer fling” in college, that has now spanned over half of their lifetimes, and it was so wonderful to put together this event as a celebration of their love.  Such an amazing collection of vendors worked on this wedding, bringing together the incredibly rich jewel toned flowers of Sharla Flock, (a perfect color scheme to brighten up the winter doldrums and coordinate beautifully with Callippe’s carpet) and the beautiful photography of Janae Shields.  It was a group of my favorites, and was so much fun to work on.  Stacey and Garen, I am  beyond thrilled to know you, and to have been a part of the wedding of a couple who SO deserves such a joyful day.  I have no doubt that the next several decades will bring as much love and laughter as the last two.

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