Garden Romance in Callippe Ballroom

by Jessica on July 23rd, 2012 in Design Inspiration | No Comments

This wedding, is just so incredibly PRETTY.  It sounds simple right?  A pretty wedding.  I am in the unique (and lucky) position of seeing dozens of pretty weddings every year.  But this one, with photos by Deborah Laver,  stands out for me.  The linens selected (for several long kings tables in lieu of our standard rounds) are a heavy cream linen which works so nicely in this simple room of grays and creams.  What the linens lack in color they make up for with their beautiful quilted texture and delicate sheen.  The flowers, by Main Street Floragardens,  are made up of an array of beautiful individual centerpieces from small to tiny to mid sized in all sorts of containers- mercurial glass, terracotta garden urns, delicate china bowls.  The lush centerpieces of purples and greens tie in with the carpet and curtains and the cream paper lanterns draw eyes up to the barn-like exposed wood beams and 32′ ceiling.  Kathryn Kenna is one of my favorite event planners to work with and this beautiful wedding truly showcases why.

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