Tera and Tim, Simple Summer Elegance

by Jessica on October 8th, 2012 in Real Weddings | No Comments

Tera and Tim met at jury duty. That’s right. Jury duty!  I am hoping this will give all of you single ladies trying to avoid jury duty pause next time you get called in!  This adorable couple loves the look of the homes in the Presidio where they rented their first place together, making Cavallo Point seem like the natural choice with its similar Colonial Revival era officers homes.  We planned their intimate wedding for 20 guests in just around 2 months- while Tera was on summer break from school and had some time to put into it.  I think the results were fantastic with soft greens and whites accented by the occasional pop of coral in the flowers (by one of my favorites- Kate’s Blossoms) and the bridesmaids dresses.  Sabine Scherer is nothing less than a magician with a camera.  My favorite shot of the day is that magical portrait in the wooded area, with the light just glowing on Tim and Tera.  Even more amazing is that Sabine showed it to me onsite- meaning that was actually the captured moment, not an effect of post event editing!  Simply Beautiful.

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