Art Exhibit

Marty Knapp

Marty Knapp has been photographing the landscapes of Northern California and the surrounding areas near Point Reyes for over 25 years. His work portrays the coastal wilderness area in the classic manner of the great American landscape photographer. With a focus primarily on black and white images that capture dramatic moments of light, Marty and his work have been featured in a variety of books and articles, and have won several awards.

Images available for purchase in the Mercantile & Art Gallery (Building 601)
Open daily 10:00 am – 5:00 pm


Marty Knapp | Drakes Moonrise | Point Reyes Station, CA | 2014

Marty Knapp | Snow & Ranch Fence | Point Reyes Station, CA | 2014

Marty Knapp | Reflecting Moon, Drakes Beach | Point Reyes Station, CA | 2014