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Offsite Activities

Deeper Connections, Inspiring Fun

Suitable for all skill and fitness levels, and led by knowledgeable experts, our offsite group activities in the San Francisco Bay Area combine the best of work, play, and fun. Enhance leadership skills, improve communication, promote teamwork, overcome obstacles, build trust, and inspire collaboration at Cavallo Point.

Offsite Group Activities

San Francisco Bay Area

Dr. Bradly with surfboard

Epic Adventures with Dr. Brad

Join our resident Integrative Medicine doctor, Brad Jacobs MD, on a memorable activity personalized for your group’s culture, fitness level, and appetite for adventure. For each experience, Dr. Brad partners with the area’s best equipment providers while offering great advice to enhance a lifelong pursuit of health. See Dr. Brad Jacobs’ Wellness Menu for details.


Kayaking the San Francisco Bay

Just a short stroll from Cavallo Point, kayaks await for guided tours on San Francisco Bay. This unforgettable group experience is suitable for first-time and advanced paddlers. Begin on the beach with a safety and instruction orientation, then set out onto the bay for a fun adventure with amazing views. Wetsuits are provided, so height and weight information is required.

Sail Sunset

Sailing the San Francisco Bay

Relax with a scenic sail, or enjoy an exciting team-building adventure around the San Francisco Bay. We work with leading sailing schools in the Bay Area to offer luxury sailboats and yachts of all sizes. A minimum sail of four hours is recommended to truly experience the bay.

two bikes

Bicycling the Bay Area

What better way to explore beyond the Golden Gate than by bike? Our Vintage Electric Bikes can be rented by the day for groups or individuals; both guided and non-guided options are available. Each bike comes with a helmet, lock, and map of the Bay Area.

View of Golden Gate bridge

Talent / Motivational Speakers

If your group wants to feature high-level entertainment, we can help source it. Options include motivational speakers, musicians, keynote speakers, Cirque du Soleil-style performers, sports figures, historians, and others.