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Tarika Lovegarden

Guided Meditation Evenings with Tarika Lovegarden

Based on her Stanford University meditation series, Tarika Lovegarden leads a guided meditation session on the 1st Wednesday of each month. Learn how to become centered and receptive to your inner strengths, opportunities and the people in your life.


Spa facial

Spa Group Activities

Where Body, Mind & Spirit Connect

The Healing Arts Center & Spa nurtures and inspires your entire being with spa treatments and experiential learning. We offer diverse experiences to fit your group's needs, including yoga, hiking, educational presentations from our Integrative Health practitioners, pampering spa services and more.

Spa Services

Say "thank you" for a job well done or celebrate a special occasion by offering the enjoyment of spa services. See our spa menu for a list of options and prices. Our inviting spa facility can perform up to 11 services per hour, including four facials.

Group Rates*
For all groups, a 20% service charge is added to the original prices, prior to discount.

Spa Buy-Out*
A buy-out of the entire spa allows for the exclusive use of spa facilities and guarantees service within the buy-out period (up to 11 services per hour).

Half day (6 hrs): $15,000
Full day (11 hours): $25,000

* Prices include all Healing Arts services, except shamanic journeys, and a 20% service charge. Please note buy-out rates do not include food or beverages from the Tea Bar.



Yoga is a physical and mental discipline that helps achieve balance by connecting the body, breath and mind. A typical yoga routine combines physical postures, called asanas, with breathing techniques and meditative practices. Goals often include stress reduction and physical fitness. Classes are led by experienced and accredited yoga instructors. Each class is one hour long; mats and props (as needed) are provided. Classes are suited to all students unless otherwise noted.

$200 for groups up to 6; for larger groups, add $20 per person.

Bocce ball


Adults are grownup kids – so recess is essential. Cavallo Point, the ideal playground for groups, offers acres of open space for lawn bowling (bocce ball), Cornhole, croquet and more.

Groups up to 10 people: $200
Groups of 11-20 people: $300
Group of 21-30 people: $400


Meditation for the Workplace

Meditation for the Workplace

Increase your creative, emotional and intuitive intelligence, while having fun. Each of the engaging experiences below teach your group what meditation is all about, why it is so effective and how it can dramatically improve your work and life. All of our meditation events are led by Tarika Lovegarden and include access to a series of 10-20 minute guided meditations based on the topics presented, from the Lovegarden Meditation App.

Turn on Your GPS in Life and Business
Increase your intuitive intelligence, while sharpening your mind! Accessing your intuition is like having a GPS system guide you through your professional and personal life. Intuition enhances your logical mind, while providing you with multiple sources of information, so that you can act on your instincts and make smarter decisions.
Two Hours: $975

Winning Team
Develop the knack of identifying your strengths, so that you can become influential and make a significant contribution. Create collaborative, winning teams by recognizing and nurturing your team members’ talents. Valuing each other’s strengths is uplifting and greatly rewarding!
Two Hours: $975

Experiencing Meditation
Learn to unplug from non-stop thinking and rejuvenate with a strong dose of inner peace. Connect with the timeless wisdom of meditation to get off the treadmill of worry and stress, so that you can be centered at work, and enjoy an extraordinary life!
One Hour: $500

Breakout Meditation
Take a meditation break between meetings to integrate and rejuvenate. Meditation can give you a new perspective, revealing creative and insightful solutions.
30 Minutes: $375

Customized Meditations for Workplace Challenges
Have something else in mind? Talk to Tarika about your workplace challenges, so that she can create a customized meditation program to enhance your offsite theme.


Group hiking


Enjoy expansive views of the San Francisco Bay and Pacific Ocean, meander under towering redwoods, and discover hidden coves and historic sites, just steps from Cavallo Point. We offer a range of hikes to accommodate your group's needs and goals – time, fitness levels, interests (health, history, ecology, etc.). Prices include trained and knowledgeable guides, drinking water, and use of canteen and holster during the hike.

$200 for groups up to 6; for larger groups, add $20 per person
A $100 fee per hour applies to hikes longer than two hours

Cavallo Point's "Backyard" Hikes

Our one- to two-hour hikes provide an opportunity to explore the area around Cavallo Point. These breathtaking hikes offer outstanding views of the Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco Bay and Pacific Ocean.

Epic Hikes

These three- to five-hour hikes are some of the best in the West. Experience incredible vistas, stunning Northern California landscapes and a great workout. Hikers must be in good physical condition. A delicious box lunch is included for an additional $30 per person. (Food & beverage prices are subject to 21% taxable service charge and 8% sales tax.)

History Walks

Cavallo Point is located at Fort Baker, which is registered as a National Historic District. Learn the history of Fort Baker and follow the site's evolution – from its first inhabitants, the Miwoks, and the role as a key U.S. army base (established in 1897), to the transition to the National Park Service (2002) and creation of today's Cavallo Point Lodge (opened in 2008). A National Park Service representative guides the history walks. Hiking fees apply, plus $100 for the Park Guide.

Wellness Hikes

A hike with Dr. Brad Jacobs, Cavallo Point's resident Integrative Medicine doctor, is part wellness consultation, part mindfulness training and part adventure. Choose from a range of hikes (see Dr. Brad's Wellness Menu for details) and get your group on the right foot towards stress reduction, improved health, and the joy of exercise at home and work.


Corporate Outdoor Fitness Boot Camp

Corporate Outdoor Fitness Boot Camps

Build strength and camaraderie amongst your team with a group outdoor fitness boot camp session. Workouts can be scaled to suit all fitness levels, from fresh-faced beginner to ultra-fit. Engage in high-intensity interval training, incorporating fundamental and functional movements including lunges, squats, obstacle courses, battle and jump ropes, kettlebells, medicine balls, TRX and other activities. The workout is designed to challenge all of your muscle groups as well as your cardiovascular fitness. Your trainer will assess the health and fitness levels of your team in terms of flexibility, cardiovascular endurance and muscular strength, with the goal of identifying personalized, achievable and sustainable milestones to optimize your health and fitness. Groups of 24 or more require multiple classes at separate days/times.

Group of up to 12: $600
Group of 13-24: $1,100


Interactive Lectures

Educational and diverse, the Healing Arts Center & Spa Interactive Lectures are led by our expert Healing Arts practitioners and Integrative Medicine doctor, Brad Jacobs, MD.

Prices vary by presenter, presentation format and group size. Quotes available on request.

Integrative Health Interactive Lectures and Workshops
Integrative Health Lectures and Workshops

Dr. Brad Jacobs
Cavallo Point's resident physician, Brad Jacobs MD, is a doctor of Internal Medicine who graduated from Stanford University. He is also trained in acupuncture, functional medicine, herbal medicine, nutrition, yoga and martial arts. A frequent speaker to groups, Dr. Brad helps team members increase productivity, enhance brain function, reduce stress, and improve overall health and quality of life. See Dr. Brad Jacobs' Wellness Menu for a list of offerings.

Hypnotherapy Workshop
Hypnotherapy Workshops

Shirley Davalos
Hypnotherapist/Media Consultant
Hypnotherapy can play a major role in supporting optimum health. A reliable method to quiet the mind and reduce constant "brain chatter," it creates a tranquil space where new perspectives can be recognized and developed. Group members learn how to use the tremendous power of imagination to be the architect of their lives and uncover answers that have been long buried in the subconscious.

Group Destiny Retrieval
Group Destiny Retrieval

Jon Rasmussen
Achieve the deepest levels of group synergy, visioning and momentum with the powerful techniques of modern shamanism. World-renowned shaman and author Jon Rasmussen facilitates a collaborative process of refining your group's true mission and goals, its collective destiny, both literally and in terms of a mythical epic journey. Participants come away with a simple and powerful set of tools to help maintain the group's ideal dynamic.

Understanding Herbalism
Understanding Herbalism

One of Cavallo Point's Herbalists
Discover the ancient art of Western Herbalism. Join one of our herbalists on a walk around Cavallo Point to learn about some of the local plants that grow abundantly in the Northern California landscape. Together they unfold the mystery of how these simple green beauties can help achieve balance and optimal health. Participants learn to make several delicious and useful plant remedies, taking home recipes and new wisdom to share with others.

Media & Communications Training Workshops

Shirley Davalos
Hypnotherapist/Media Consultant
Whether your group wants to create a dynamic message to tell your company's story, build stimulating presentations for clients and sponsors, or craft a press release to gain attention for your company, your group will learn the building blocks that make the difference. Shirley Davalos has worked with major corporations, start-ups, authors and newsmakers throughout her career as a television producer for network, corporate and major broadcast stations. She has behind-the-scenes knowledge about what the media want and what your target audience remembers. Options include:

Meet the Press
This dynamic, interactive program focuses on creating messages and crafting an agenda; it includes on-camera interview practice. Choose a 1-hour lecture or up to 4-hour Complete Media Workshop.

Presentation Skills that Work
Learn the building blocks that energize your presentations with a focused sense of purpose. Attitude is everything - and we work on that, too.

The Art of the Interview
Whether presenting yourself to a new boss or a new client, participants can create a positive, confident presence that targets their goals and keeps messages on track.


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