Energy Work

Experience innovative techniques like our Bay Area chakra and reiki spa treatments to increase energy and mental clarity, as well as alleviate stress and pain. Join us at Cavallo Point’s Healing Arts Center & Spa to create a sense of balance in your life.

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Therapeutic Touch

Combining reiki, Jin-Shin, healing touch, and other modalities, Therapeutic Touch increases energy and mental clarity, alleviates stress and pain, and creates a sense of harmony.

60 minutes – $175 (weekday) / $185 (weekend)

Chakra Balancing

Chakra Energy Balancing

Experience this innovative energy-work technique with Tarika Lovegarden to release stagnant energy from your seven chakras, strengthening and harmonizing every dimension of your life.

60 minutes – $185 (weekday) / $195 (weekend)

Sound Therapy

Body Journey

The powerful modalities of deep/intricate massage, sound healing (using voice toning and crystal bowls), and acupressure energy-work are seamlessly blended in this deeply healing experience that simultaneously works on the physical and energetic levels.

2 hours – $375 (weekday) / $385 (weekend)

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The Body Code

Feel more energy, clarity, and a greater sense of peace within your body and life with this experience that incorporates applied kinesiology and dialoguing with the subconscious mind. Uncover and release energetic imbalances of all kinds—physical, mental, emotional—with this gentle, non-invasive modality.

60 minutes – $220 (weekday) / $230 (weekend)

Reiki in Sausalito

Energy Clearing

This form of touchless healing removes negative or unwanted energy from your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual auric fields. Combining reiki techniques and chakra therapy, these individualized sessions work with your unique energy systems to promote health, heal intimate relationships, and support spiritual development.

60 minutes – $195 (weekday) / $205 (weekend)

Reiki Spa Treament


Reiki is a form of energy healing using a light touch on the body, activating the natural healing process, releasing blockages in the conscious and unconscious, reducing stress, promoting relaxation and balancing the emotional and physical body. 90 minute session includes massage.

60 minutes - $175 (weekday) / $185 (weekend)
90 minutes - $265 (weekday) / $275 (weekend)

Explore Other Spa Services

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Among the oldest healing practices in the world, acupuncture is used to treat physical, emotional and mental imbalances.
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Men's Treatments

From skincare and massages to our Guys Day Out package, take care of yourself with these professional treatments and effect positive changes in your life.
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Personal Training

Here at the Healing Arts Center & Spa, we are pleased to offer personal training sessions as part of our holistic approach to health and wellness.