Discover the transforming power of meditation at Cavallo Point’s Healing Arts Center & Spa. Our San Francisco Bay Area meditation sessions will help you become centered, release stress, and bring harmony to your life.

a hand in a yoga pose

Meditation Step-by-Step

For beginning and experienced meditators

Learn the basics of meditation. Come into the moment, and learn how to become centered in your strengths and the essence of who you are.

60 minutes – $180 (Monday - Thursday) / $200 (Friday - Sunday)

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Connectedness Meditation

Do you want greater connections to have a bigger impact locally and globally or to feel a deep sense of belonging? Our competitive environment and fast-paced lifestyle can make us feel fragmented and disconnected, without a focus on the bigger picture. This guided meditation brings you into harmony within yourself and others, positioning you to make greater contributions to the whole. When you are connected, you naturally come from a place of power, fullness, and generosity.

60 minutes – $180 (Monday - Thursday) / $200 (Friday - Sunday)

A woman in a yoga pose with the Golden Gate Bridge in the background

Stress-less Meditation

Life can be stressful at times and affects us in multiple ways. Mental stress can make you feel anxious, frazzled and overwhelmed. When manifested physically, stress can cause tension, chronic pain and disrupt sleep. This guided meditation teaches you how to take “time-out” from the chaos of your busy mind, ease feelings of anxiety and become centered so that you can focus on what you need to accomplish.

60 minutes – $180 (Monday - Thursday) / $200 (Friday - Sunday)

a woman meditating

Generosity Meditation

Don’t lose a precious opportunity to show gratitude! Discover the power of generosity and how it can bring you into the moment and expand every aspect of your life. It feels good to be generous, help others, and creatively contribute to your work, family, and the world around you. You become more receptive to the many blessings being showered on you, day-in and day-out. Generosity meditation opens your heart, and gives you a direct experience of your deeper nature, and the many beautiful qualities within you.

60 minutes – $180 (Monday - Thursday) / $200 (Friday - Sunday)

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Transformative Meditations

Experience the transforming power of meditation. Focus on a specific issue to become free of limiting mindsets and emotions for greater ease and harmony in any aspect of your life.

60 minutes – $180 (Monday - Thursday) / $200 (Friday - Sunday)

Dr-Brad-Sleep Tight All Night

Relaxing the Mind for Sleep Meditation

A meditation session focused on clearing your mind for a better night of sleep that will help you become centered, release stress, and sleep deeper.

60 minutes – $180 (Monday - Thursday) / $200 (Friday - Sunday)

face massage

Meditation Massage

Enhance your massage with a guided meditation to facilitate a deeper release of tension and stress. Connect with yourself in profound and fulfilling ways.

60 minutes – $190 (Monday - Thursday) / $210 (Friday - Sunday)

Explore Other Spa Services

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Energy Work

Experience innovative techniques like our Bay Area chakra and reiki spa treatments to increase energy and mental clarity, as well as alleviate stress and pain.
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Choose from an array of add-on options for the face and body, and make your spa visit even better with these enhancements to your treatment.
clinical massage

Clinical Massage

More focused and therapeutic, our Bay Area soft tissue clinical massages at Cavallo Point’s Healing Arts Center & Spa focus on treating injuries, chronic pain, and other specific conditions.