Reflecting ancient practices, all massages, hands-on treatments, and baths feature organic or wild-crafted ingredients blended exclusively for Cavallo Point. Our therapists are highly trained and take the utmost care to maintain your comfort and privacy. Please inform them of any concern or issue you have.

a massage

Deep Tissue Massage

Firm Pressure, Releasing Muscle Tension

Deep tissue massage uses firm pressure and slow strokes to reach deeper layers of muscle and fascia. This massage is ideal for experienced massage clients who suffer from deep-seated tension. These techniques will relieve stress and tightness while improving circulation.

60 minutes – $200 (Monday-Thursday) / $220 (Friday-Sunday)
90 minutes – $285 (Monday-Thursday) / $305 (Friday-Sunday)

clinical massage

Clinical Massage

Focused & Therapeutic

Our clinical treatments are results-driven, promote healing, and are beneficial in addressing a wide variety of issues. We offer a range of Western and Eastern approaches that can range from light to rigorous to deep and structural. While benefits can be seen in just one session, a program of four to six treatments can bring excellent results. To allow time for developing a treatment plan, a 90-minute session is recommended for the first appointment.

60 minutes – $200 (Monday-Thursday) / $220 (Friday-Sunday)
90 minutes – $285 (Monday-Thursday) / $305 (Friday-Sunday)

Massage near San Francisco

Organic Massage

Traditional, Therapeutic, Swedish

Also known as Swedish massage, organic massage may incorporate five different movements: long gliding strokes called “effleurage”, kneading movements (petri sage), friction, vibration, and tapotement (percussive movements). The pressure can vary depending on your needs and the therapist’s technique. We use an organic blend of virgin olive oil, sunflower, and avocado oils for this Bay Area massage.

60 minutes - $180 (Monday-Thursday) / $200 (Friday-Sunday)
90 minutes - $265 (Monday-Thursday) / $285 (Friday-Sunday)

A woman receives a shoulder massage at Cavallo Point Spa

Cavallo Point Signature Massage

Stretching, Flowing, Ethereal

This unique and aromatic massage is a dynamic blend of two techniques: long flowing strokes similar to Esalen or Lomi Lomi styles of Swedish massage, and the compressions and stretches of Thai massage. Guests say it’s like getting the benefits of massage and yoga in one experience! Choose one of our five exclusive aromatherapy remedy massage oils—like wine tasting for the nose.

60 minutes - $190 (Monday-Thursday) / $210 (Friday-Sunday)
90 minutes - $275 (Monday-Thursday) / $295 (Friday-Sunday)

hands massaging a leg

Thai Massage

Compressions, Stretching, Ancient

Thai massage combines pressing, compressions, and stretching. Often called passive or assisted yoga, this massage does not use oil and is performed through the clothes.

60 minutes - $200 (Monday-Thursday) / $220 (Friday-Sunday)
90 minutes - $285 (Monday-Thursday) / $305 (Friday-Sunday)

a pregnant woman receives a massage

Mama Goddess Massage

Pre-Natal, Nurturing, Relaxing

This nurturing and relaxing massage addresses the specific needs of expecting mothers. A specially designed massage oil blend helps the skin prevent stretch marks and maintain elasticity, and includes the emotionally comforting and uplifting oils of organic clementine and jasmine, which are mother-and-baby safe. Our trained, pre-natal Bay Area massage therapists will use either pillows or a specially designed body-support cushion system in order to offer safe and comfortable support, as well as various options for positioning on our standard massage tables.

60 minutes - $180 (Monday-Thursday) / $200 (Friday-Sunday)
90 minutes - $265 (Monday-Thursday) / $285 (Friday-Sunday)

Himalayan Salt Scrub

Himalayan Salt Stone Massage

hot, grounding, salt stones

60 minutes - $190 (Monday-Thursday) / $210 (Friday-Sunday)
90 minutes - $275 (Monday-Thursday) / $295 (Friday-Sunday)

cupping being applied

Cupping & Massage

traditional, releasing, detoxifying

60 minutes - $200 (Monday-Thursday) / $220 (Friday-Sunday)
90 minutes - $285 (Monday-Thursday) / $305 (Friday-Sunday)

a foot massage

Head & Sole

feet, scalp, heavenly

60 minutes - $180 (Monday-Thursday) / $200 (Friday-Sunday)

Explore Other Spa Services

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Hypnotherapy & Guided Imagery

A reliable method to support optimum health, calm the psyche, and reduce constant brain chatter, hypnotherapy creates a quiet space where new perspectives are recognized and developed.
Gabriel Skvor

Healing Arts

From shamanic journeys and neuro-graphic art to cacao ceremonies and intuitive readings, the San Francisco Bay Area healing arts at Cavallo Point help create positive changes in your emotional, physical, and mental well-being.
Assorted herbs and pills


Throughout the centuries, herbs have been an integral part of day-to-day living. Their fragrances uplift spirits, their flavors enhance foods, and their chemical compounds can aid the body in healing aches, pains, and other ailments.