To offer some of the best skincare treatments and facials in the Bay Area, we selected Luzern, Organic Male, and others as our skincare lines for their beautiful products and pure results. Reflecting our own social and environmental values, these companies use sustainably harvested ingredients and avoid petroleum-based products, harsh surfactants, and parabens.

A woman receiving a spa treatment

Dermalinfusion Facial

Exfoliates, Extracts, Serum Infusion

Our Dermalinfusion Treatment is a 3-in-1 advanced professional technology that simultaneously exfoliates, extracts, and infuses for radiant and rejuvenated skin. Exfoliated skin is infused with physician-strength serums targeted for a myriad of skin concerns including hyperpigmentation, acne, sallow rough skin texture, dehydrated skin, fine lines, and wrinkles.

60 minutes - $225 (weekday) / $235 (weekend)
90 minutes - $305 (weekday) / $315 (weekend)

Woman receiving the Cavallo Signature Facial with grape stem cells

Cavallo Signature Facial

Grape Stem Cells, Vitamin C, Cutting Edge

Enjoy customized European-style facials to treat your skincare needs.

60 minutes - $175 (weekday) / $185 (weekend)
90 minutes - $265 (weekday) / $275 (weekend)

an oxygen facial being performed

Oxygen Facial

Plumping, Youthful, Glow

Using oxygen mist in its most pure and concentrated form, this Bay Area facial leaves your skin firm, clear, and radiant by restoring the skin’s hydration. High-potency, organic BIOSWISS serums are custom-blended to erase all signs of redness, sensitivity, pre-mature aging, and dullness while stimulating collagen and elastin production.

60 minutes - $195 (weekday) / $205 (weekend)
90 minutes - $285 (weekday) / $295 (weekend)

Rejuvenating Facial Cupping

Rejuvenating Facial Cupping

Stimulating, Smoothing, Specialized

Facial cupping is a non-invasive form of aesthetic treatment used all over Europe and Russia, and found to be effective in firming, plumping, and smoothing skin texture by reducing wrinkles and smile/laugh lines, as well as stimulating collagen production. The gentle gliding and lifting application of specialized facial cups also increases lymphatic drainage to remove toxins and boost cellular oxygen and nutrition for a healthy afterglow.

60 minutes - $185 (weekday) / $195 (weekend)
90 minutes - $275 (weekday) / $285 (weekend)

Facial Fitness for Men

Facial Fitness - Skincare for Men

Sophisticated, Bioactive, Boosting

This skin-conditioning facial is designed specifically for the unique needs of a man’s skin, using the Organic Male skin care system. Highly effective and bio-activated, it feels and smells masculine, earthy, and vibrant.

60 minutes - $175 (weekday) / $185 (weekend)
90 minutes - $265 (weekday) / $275 (weekend)

spa facial treatment being performed

Grape Glow Top-to-Toe

Antioxidant Body Wrap, Scalp, Signature Facial

This rejuvenating face, body, and scalp treatment is packed with antioxidants and cutting-edge plant stem-cell technology. Therapeutic and hydrating, it starts with a hot cabernet tea service and features an exfoliating cabernet body mask derived from repurposed wine-barrel grapes. Afterwards, a body hydration application and full facial treatment feature products from Scientific Organics that contain a beauty superhero ingredient: grape stem cells. It’s the perfect treatment to balance the entire body, replenish the skin, improve skin tone, and calm both mind and body.

120 minutes - $350 (weekday) / $360 (weekend)

Microcurrent Facial Lift

Microcurrent Facial-Lift

Rejuvenating, Toning, Firming

This skin rejuvenating treatment is a non-surgical facelift that immediately tones, lifts, firms, and re-educates sagging muscles, returning them to their youthful form. Serum and skin nutrient infusions add to the youthful glow, followed by a customized mask to meet your skin’s needs.

60 minutes - $185 (weekday) / $195 (weekend)
90 minutes - $275 (weekday) / $285 (weekend)

face cream and a leaf

Ultimate Anti-Aging Facial

Red Light Therapy, Oxygen, Microcurrent

This 2-hour Bay Area facial is an indulgent, non-surgical facelift experience. The power of oxygen gets a boost with both microcurrent and red-light therapies to produce maximum results in reducing wrinkles and increasing collagen, cellular renewal, and muscle tone. This comprehensive treatment also includes a rejuvenating hand treatment and addresses skincare from the inside out with a radiant skin tea-and-tincture ritual by Naturopathica.

2 hours - $350 (weekday) / $360 (weekend)

deluxe purigying facial

Deluxe Purifying Facial

Blue Light Therapy, Calming, Decongesting

In this results-driven treatment, we combine our greenest and cleanest skincare products that work to calm, detoxify, and decongest the skin with an additional 30 minutes of LED blue light therapy, which helps to reduce acne-causing bacteria and prevent future breakouts. The LED actually delivers some red-light therapy simultaneously for some additional anti-aging benefits. Detoxify in style!

90 minutes - $265 (weekday) / $275 (weekend)

Targeted Microcurrent Treatment

Microcurrent Lift Enhancement

Targeted, Toning, Firming

The focus is on the areas of concern that need instant lifting and toning with advanced microcurrent technology. Available as an add-on to any 60- or 90-minute facial only.

30 minutes - $85 (weekday) / $95 (weekend)

A woman receiving a red light therapy treatment

Red Light Therapy Treatment

Stimulating, Healing, Regenerating

Treat target specific wrinkles with red light therapy. This treatment helps stimulate cell regeneration, speeds healing, and rejuvenates skin. It stimulates the cellular renewal response from deep within the tissue to repair and renew tired, damaged cells, activating the rejuvenation process to achieve and maintain beautiful healthy skin. Available as an add-on to any 60- or 90-minute facial only.

30 minutes - $85 (weekday) / $95 (weekend)

Microcurrent Treatment for Eyes and Lips

Microcurrent Eye & Lip Enhancement

Lifting, Contouring

The use of microcurrent treatment wands alleviates puffiness and dark circles, immediately lifting and contouring the eye and lip areas.

Add-on to any facial - $45 (weekday) / $55 (weekend)

Makeup Services

Regular Makeup Application for Special Occasion
60 minutes - $165 (weekday) / $175 (weekend)

Private Makeup Lesson
90 minutes - $385 (weekday) / $395 (weekend)

Wedding Day Makeup for Bride
90 minutes - $365 (weekday) / $375 (weekend)
(includes false eyelash application)

Bridal Party
45 minutes - $165 (weekday) / $175 (weekend)

Wedding Makeup Trial
90 minutes - $175 (weekday) / $185 (weekend)

False Eyelash Application
$25 (weekday) / $35 (weekend)

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