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A Haven for Healing

A Wellness Retreat Itinerary

Leverage a range of healing arts from energy work, ritual, and meditation to herbal therapies and acupressure, to create a safe space for deep healing and rejuvenation.

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Healing Ritual, In Nature

When we attend to the unseen world we witness transformations in the observable world. Depending on the topic you choose, a unique healing ritual will be created for you. All rituals will invoke sacred space, and you will utilize your guides, visualizations, and the power of your word.

Topics: Coping with grief, anger, or worry, meeting your spirit guides, receiving guidance, or developing a stronger more personal connection to spirit.

2 hours - $385 (weekday) / $395 (weekend)
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Transformative Meditation

Experience the transforming power of meditation during a guided session with a skilled instructor. Focus on a specific issue of your choice, and become free of limiting mindsets and emotions, leading to greater ease and harmony in any aspect of your life.

60 minutes – $180 (Monday-Thursday) / $200 (Friday-Sunday)
seedlings and planter

Healing Gardens

Enhance your well-being with a trained herbalist and master gardener who works with you to design a small, customized herb garden that is creative and healing. This consultation melds three areas of benefit: crafting a planter box with plants chosen to address your personal life issues or transitions, enjoying the therapeutic aspects of gardening, and using the plants for healing purposes after they have grown.

60 minutes – $175 (Monday-Thursday) / $195 (Friday-Sunday)
Reiki Spa Treament


Reiki is a form of energy healing that uses a light touch on the body and activates the natural healing process, releasing blockages in the conscious and unconscious mind, reducing stress, promoting relaxation, and balancing the emotional and physical body. The 90-minute session includes massage.

60 minutes – $180 (Monday-Thursday) / $265 (Friday-Sunday)
90 minutes – $285 (Monday-Thursday) / $275 (Friday-Sunday)
Sound Therapy

Body Journey

The powerful modalities of deep/intricate massage, sound healing (using voice toning and crystal bowls), and acupressure energy-work are seamlessly blended in this deeply healing experience that simultaneously works on the physical and energetic levels.

2 hours – $375 (Monday-Thursday) / $395 (Friday-Sunday)