Couple walking at Cavallo Point

Lean in to Love

A Wellness Retreat Itinerary

Focused on connectedness, harmony, and peace, this itinerary doubles as a romantic retreat, allowing you to reconnect with yourself as well as a loved one.

Breakfast on a tray on a bed

Bed & Breakfast

Begin each day with a delicious, nourishing breakfast at Murray Circle, or indulge in breakfast in bed with in-room dining. Our Bed & Breakfast package includes a $75 daily dining credit to be used at any of our dining outlets.

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Sound bowl

Custom Sound Bath for Two

Experience the healing power of sound to cleanse the body, mind, and soul. Submerge yourself in the soothing resonance of crystal bowls and voice toning, allowing their vibrations to penetrate deep into your cells, dissolving tensions and expanding and purifying your energy body. Both elevating and calming, a sound bath ultimately brings a sense of deep inner peace.

2 people, 60 minutes  – $325 (Monday-Thursday) / $335 (Friday-Sunday)
Couples meditation

Connectedness Meditation

Do you want to strengthen connections with others, feel a deep sense of belonging, and have a bigger impact locally and globally? Our competitive environment and fast-paced lifestyle can make us feel fragmented, disconnected, and without a focus on the bigger picture. When you are connected, you naturally come from a place of power, fullness, and generosity. This guided meditation brings you into harmony within yourself and others, positioning you to make greater contributions to the whole.

60 minutes – $180 (weekday) / $200 (weekend)
Woman and man hiking at Cavallo Point

Chapel Steps to Bay Trail Hike

The signature hike at Cavallo Point, this serene two-mile trek leads you up into the hills behind Ft. Baker with stunning view of the Golden Gate Bridge, and continues through a eucalyptus grove to the retired Battery Yates, along the coastline and down into Horseshoe Cove, providing picturesque views of the former military post and the Bay. Ideal for quiet contemplation, this walk is perfect for those wanting to experience Marin’s natural beauty without the workout. Longer hikes along the Coastal Trail and into the Marin Headlands are also possible. For guided hikes, please inquire.

Massage therapist at Cavallo Point

Organic Massage

Also known as Swedish massage, organic massage may incorporate five different movements: long gliding strokes called "effleurage," kneading movements (petri sage), friction, vibration, and tapotement (percussive movements). The pressure can vary depending on your needs and the therapist’s technique. Employing an organic blend of virgin olive oil, sunflower, and avocado oils, this is our most popular massage treatment.

60 minutes - $180 (Monday-Thursday) / $200 (Friday-Sunday)
90 minutes - $265 (Monday-Thursday) / $285 (Friday-Sunday)