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New Year, New You

A Wellness Retreat Itinerary

At the beginning of the year, or anytime you need a new start, the following experiences are designed to help you reconnect with nature, achieve mental, spiritual, and physical harmony, and put a fresh face forward.


Shamanic drum being played in a wooded setting

Shamanic Journeys

Indigenous cultures of the Americas have long known we are connected to all of nature. In the medicine wheel’s sacred and safe space, your shaman engages the forces of nature and the ancestors’ ancient wisdom to create lasting changes for physical, mental, and emotional well-being. Sessions combine the ancient processes of illumination, soul retrieval, destiny retrieval and divination, and bands of power.

1 person, 1.5 hours - $315 (Monday - Thursday) / $335 (Friday - Sunday)
2 people, 2 hours - $515 (Monday - Thursday) / $535 (Friday - Sunday)
Herbs, tincture and mortar and pestle

Herbal Consultation

Throughout the centuries, herbs have been an integral part of day-to-day living, used to uplift spirits, enhance foods, and aid the body in healing pain and other ailments. Work with our herbalist to develop a personalized plan for utilizing a variety of fresh herbs to help you live in a place of profound health. Areas of focus include: Deep Immune Health, Digestive Health, Stress Relief, and Sleep Well, Be Well. Includes a customized herbal tincture.

60 minutes - $175 (Monday - Thursday) / $195 (Friday - Sunday)
120 minutes - $350 (Monday - Thursday) / $370 (Friday - Sunday)
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Hypnotherapy: Overcoming Blocks

A reliable method to support optimum health, calm the psyche, and reduce constant brain chatter, hypnotherapy creates a quiet space where new perspectives are recognized and developed. Learn to use your tremendous power of imagination and be the architect of your life, boosting your creativity and motivation, and overcoming obstacles that hold you back. Change your attitude to envision positive outcomes and achieve your goals.

60 minutes – $180 (Monday - Thursday) / $200 (Friday - Sunday)
Woman in the meditation garden

Dermalinfusion Facial

For rejuvenated and radiant skin, our Dermalinfusion treatment is a 3-in-1 advanced professional technology that simultaneously exfoliates, extracts, and infuses skin with physician-strength serums, targeting a myriad of concerns including hyperpigmentation, acne, sallow or rough skin texture, dehydrated skin, fine lines, and wrinkles.

60 minutes - $235 (Monday - Thursday) / $255 (Friday - Sunday)
90 minutes - $315 (Monday - Thursday) / $335 (Friday - Sunday)
Two women in seated yoga positions

Chakra Energy Balancing

Experience this innovative energy-work technique with Tarika Lovegarden to release stagnant energy from your seven chakras, strengthening and harmonizing every dimension of your life.

60 minutes – $190 (Monday - Thursday) / $210 (Friday - Sunday)
Food and drinks near a firepit

Tea Bar

A soothing space to unwind, the Tea Bar in the Healing Arts Center & Spa offers a variety of healthy tonics and teas made with the finest ingredients, along with an array of fresh dishes on which to dine.