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Relax. Reset. Renew.

A Wellness Retreat Itinerary

Beginning with deep and restorative sleep, this itinerary is designed for relaxation and release, allowing you to find the profound sense of renewal that comes from being truly at rest.


Dr-Brad-Sleep Tight All Night

Bryte Restorative Sleep Package

Experience a luxurious sleep like no other on a Bryte Restorative Bed™, an advanced sleep technology that lulls you to sleep with multi-sensory relaxation, and then uses AI-powered climate control and pressure release to help you stay asleep longer.

The Bryte Restorative Sleep Package also includes aromatherapy, bath salts, an eye mask, a selection of organic teas, and a Google Home with "Good Night Google." Learn More >

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Outdoor Yoga

Take advantage of the spectacular natural beauty of the Golden Gate National Recreation Area with a private, outdoor yoga session led by an accredited instructor. Combining physical postures (asanas) with breathing techniques and meditative practices, the physical and mental discipline of yoga helps to achieve balance by connecting the body, breath, and mind.

60 minutes – $170
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Meditation Massage

Enhance your massage with a guided meditation to facilitate a deeper release of tension and stress. Connect with yourself in profound and fulfilling ways.

60 minutes – $190 (Monday-Thursday) / $210 (Friday-Sunday)
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Hypnotherapy: Freedom from Anxiety

A reliable method to support optimum health, calm the psyche, and reduce constant brain chatter, hypnotherapy creates a quiet space where new perspectives are recognized and developed. By learning to use your tremendous power of imagination, you'll gain a fresh perspective that offers immediate relief from stress and anxiety.

60 minutes – $180 (Monday-Thursday) / $200 (Friday-Sunday)
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Among the oldest healing practices in the world, acupuncture is used to restore and maintain health by stimulating specific points on the body, treating physical, emotional, and mental imbalances and resulting in a better night of sleep. At Cavallo Point, acupuncture and other integrative medicine services are provided by Dr. Bradly Jacobs, MD, MPH.

Learn More >

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Tea Bar

A soothing space to unwind, the Tea Bar in the Healing Arts Center & Spa offers a variety of healthy tonics and teas made with the finest ingredients, along with an array of fresh dishes on which to dine.