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Guided Meditation Evenings with Tarika Lovegarden: Release and Renew: Letting Go Meditation

Location: Healing Arts Center & Spa
Time: 6:30 – 7:30pm

This guided meditation practice gets to the heart of one of our biggest challenges: letting go. Whether you grapple with attachments, desires, or expectations you place upon yourself or others, we can all benefit from applying this ancient mindfulness tool to our lives. Tarika Lovegarden has designed this special evening to teach you how to see through veils of overwhelming or confusing emotional states to dissolve unnecessary suffering and find peace.

You may be carrying grudges or emotional weight against yourself or someone in your life. Perhaps you dwell on situations that feel unfair or unresolved. We typically hold onto resentments to protect ourselves from getting hurt again, but that often makes us even more susceptible to repeating our mistakes.

Holding onto to the past blinds us to what is happening here-now, which disconnects us from our innate intelligence and wisdom. Join us to become free of the past and learn to live in the moment to become happy and fulfilled!

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