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Guided Meditation Evenings with Tarika Lovegarden: A Fresh Start to 2024! Meditation

Location: Healing Arts Center & Spa
Time: 6:30 – 7:30pm

Instead of looking outside yourself for answers, look within! Take time to reflect upon this past year, cherish your learnings, and meditate on what is next for you! As you wave goodbye to old habits and situations that no longer serve you, you create space for the new!

This guided meditation prepares you to meet this new year with intentionality and a clear picture of what is most important to you. This technique opens your vision, so that you can learn to recognize and respect your own nature, while identifying the people and opportunities that are in alignment with your soul. By shining the light of your awareness on your goals and aspirations, you will be encouraged to examine how realistic it is for you to achieve them. Through self-reflective mindfulness practices you can adjust as needed to close the gap between your current state and fulfilling your new year’s resolutions.

The next phase of our guided meditation will help you map out practical steps to get you started on your journey of achieving one (just one!) of the most important things for you to accomplish this year. Be sure to join us in again in December for a reappraisal.

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