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  • Watercolor class under golden gate bridge

Watercolor Class with Lucinda Eubanks

Location: Meet Lucinda at the Hotel Front Desk Lobby

TimeSaturday 1:00pm -3:00pm


Reach out and stretch your imagination.  Let yourself go and allow Cavallo Point resident artist to help you truly experience the colorful beauty of the Golden Gate Recreational Area.

As a child, did you want to become an artist?  You may have ventured off and chosen another profession, but now you are on vacation where you can go back to that childhood dream and paint, on paper, the beauty around you.  It is a great way to take a bit of Cavallo Point home and it allows you to bring back unique memories of your stay.

The watercolor class with fine artist, Lucinda Eubanks has something to offer everyone.  Whether you are a beginner and want to learn the basics, an intermediate who would like to pick up a new technique, or an advanced artist who left your supplies at home, the class is geared for all levels of skill.  You need only to bring your desire to be creative and have fun.

Lucinda will start off with planning the basics your painting followed by an overview on color, including which colors to mix when painting the Golden Gate Bridge.  You will learn different techniques, such as washes and glazes and finally, how to care for your painting once it is finished.  Quality art supplies will be provided to each painter including an easel.  Your finished painting can be double matted and ready for your first show!  Don’t forget to bring your camera, this is a wonderful photo opportunity!

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