a hand in a yoga pose

Guided Meditation Evenings with Tarika Lovegarden - Power of Gratitude Meditation

Location: Cavallo Point
Time: 6:00pm

Experience how gratitude enables you to cherish each moment, build stronger, fulfilling relationships, and increases your life satisfaction. 

In this guided meditation, you will learn to apply science-based gratitude practices and meditation techniques to positively shift your perspective of yourself, others, and how you perceive your life.  

These uplifting practices clear mindsets of inadequacy, giving you access to strengths that you may have taken for granted, or didn’t even know you had! Recognizing that you have everything you need within, gives you the confidence and passion for a rewarding life.  

As you cultivate this valuable virtue and learn to appreciate what you already have, you naturally feel content, which inevitably opens you to receive even more. 

Please note, face coverings are required for unvaccinated attendees.

*Spa Facilities & Meditation Pool are closed during the Meditation Session.

**Spa Treatments are required in addition to Meditation if you’d like to use the Spa Facilities & the Meditation Pool prior to the Meditation Session.