Group Activities & Corporate Seminars

Dr. Brad utilizes his team to design programs tailored to each organization’s unique culture and strategic objectives. These resources include health and executive coaching professionals, and those from the Healing Arts Center & Spa and Cooking School.

For companies that want to provide management with executive health exams and assessments, Dr. Brad offers a comprehensive health assessment using diagnostic and treatment criteria from conventional and traditional healing systems.

Dr. Brad works closely with UCSF faculty specialists and diagnostic imaging centers, plus specialty laboratories as needed to provide clients with world-class healthcare. Clients review their findings with Dr. Brad, who provides detailed 21-day and one-year personal action plans based on risk tolerance, life experience, preferences, and worldview.

Interactive Lectures

Cultivate Resilience – A Path to Optimal Productivity & Good Health

This lecture discusses the triggers of stress in our personal and professional lives, and how we instinctively respond in often harmful ways like “fight or flight.” Participants leave with tools and techniques to navigate uncertainty, cultivate resilience, and find greater life fulfillment. They also learn the unique stress load to optimize decision-making, productivity, and personal health.

Enhance Your Brain – How to Improve Focus, Memory & Attention

Discover how to keep your mind and memory vibrant at every stage of life. In this experiential workshop, participants learn how health habits affect memory, the relationship between diet and brain function, and scientific evidence of specific dietary supplements and lifestyle practices on Alzheimer’s and brain health. Dr. Brad offers instruction on relaxation techniques and exercises to practice at home and work to keep the aging brain and body vibrant.

6 Key Pillars of Healthy LivingTM – A Path to Optimal Productivity & Good Health

Modern life keeps us so busy that we are often overcommitted, juggling multiple priorities, and feeling out of control. This lifestyle is exhausting, unsustainable, and can damage health. In this workshop, participants complete a comprehensive questionnaire to determine their ratings on Dr. Brad’s 6 Key Pillars of Healthy Living. They learn scientific evidence and practical tools to create a life/work balance in accordance with these principles:

  • Restorative Sleep
  • Healthy Eating
  • Active Living
  • Stress Reduction & Awareness
  • Connection
  • Finding Passion & Purpose

Each interactive lecture can host up to 200 people for 1-2 hour(s) for $2,500

Experiences & Workshops

Tai Chi & Qigong

These ancient Chinese teachings have shown profound and positive effects on many aspects of health. These include memory, blood pressure, balance, strength, tranquility, anxiety, sleep, mental focus, and attention. In this workshop, participants learn eight valuable movements to improve health and well-being, which can be continued at home.

Up to 50 people • 1 hour • $1,000

The Inspired Life

Team effectiveness is the result of individual effectiveness and group cohesion. This workshop is designed for executive teams who want to work together better, improve their results and enhance work culture. Participants discover how individual reactivity, resilience, and personal goals affect team effectiveness. Through informative lectures and interactive experiences, participants learn the power that awareness, clarity, and communication style have on both personal life goals and team dynamics.

Up to 50 people • 1-2 hour(s) • $2,500

Epic Fitness Adventures

This customized epic fitness experience is based on your group's fitness level, interests, and desire for challenge. It combines outdoor adventure with lectures on the physiology and health benefits of adventure and exercise as they influence mental alertness, weight management, longevity, vitality, work productivity, and overall well-being. Choose from a range of activities—such as hiking, surfing, mountain biking, rock climbing, tai chi, and Qigong—led by experienced teachers and guides. Participants take home functional exercises that can be done in the workplace or home.

Up to 30 people • 4 hours • Price depends on customized program

Historic Room

Integrative Medicine Packages

Make a positive change in your life with one of these health and wellness retreat packages that brings together the best of modern medicine with traditional East-West practices.