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"The cool grey city of love." — George Sterling
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Jayne Reichert, Cooking School Director

Jayne Reichert Cooking School Director

The Cooking School, under the direction of Chef Jayne Reichert, has an ever-changing roster of classes, programs and tastings. These are held in concert with the Bay Area's treasure trove of small organic farms, artisan producers, vineyards and innovative chefs. The impressive list of noted guest chefs who have shared their expertise in the Cooking School includes Kelsie Kerr, Gayle Pirie, John Clark, Bryant Terry, Rebecca Katz, Joanne Weir, Michael Tusk, Traci des Jardins and many others. Cavallo Point's own Pastry Chef, Ethan Howard, also appears frequently.

Jayne Reichert was raised on a farm where fresh eggs came from the neighbor's chicken coop, meat was butchered at her grandfather's farm, and vegetables were picked from the garden in the yard. As a girl, she helped harvest green beans for dinner, made mud pies in the yard, and played with her Easy Bake Oven. Growing up in this wholesome environment with the opportunity to watch her mother prepare meals from scratch provided Jayne with ample culinary inspiration from a very early age.

Jayne studied journalism at Arizona State University while she continued to cultivate her own set of culinary and entertaining skills. In college, she hosted many a dinner for roommates, friends and family. Upon graduation, she received an offer to build a Catering, Culinary and Event Program for The Sports Club Company in Irvine, CA. Jayne was a natural hostess with the drive of an entrepreneur, and before she knew it had transformed this forte into her career choice.

Over the next 19 years, Jayne developed and orchestrated events and culinary programs for The Sports Club Company, KBA Marketing, Disney Studios, Chateau St. Jean and The San Francisco Chamber of Commerce. In 1998, she made a bold decision to enroll in the California Culinary Academy in San Francisco. After graduating from CCA, she opened a cutlery and knife-sharpening store called Razor Sharp Cutlery in San Francisco. Jayne also launched a Personal Chef and Catering Company called BITE, with clientele in San Francisco, Sausalito and Tiburon, CA.

Jayne comes to Cavallo Point with background rooted in creating homegrown innovative culinary events. She is a consummate hostess with a dash of Chicago bravado (her great grandmother was one of the first female cooks at The Palmer House in Chicago), and has a penchant for sharing good food with a firm belief that cooking should be fun and accessible for chefs of all levels of expertise. Jayne currently resides in Sausalito with a 4-legged friend named Ted.


Linda Tay Esposito

Linda Tay Esposito is a self taught chef whose food represents a tribute and a commitment to the authenticity of the cuisines of the Pacific Rim. She grew up in Malaysia, lived in China and Hong Kong and traveled extensively in the region exploring the vast culinary offerings and traditions, and capturing the essence of the local cuisines. She brings these exciting flavors, passion and knowledge to the classroom. By demystifying the traditional dishes and techniques from the region through easy to follow and intuitive instructions, her style of teaching makes even the most complex of curries simple to make and a gastro-adventure experience.

Linda previously taught the Asian curriculums at Sur La Table Cooking School in San Francisco and at Whole Foods Market Culinary Center in San Mateo.


Viola Buitoni

A direct descendant of the famed pasta and chocolate family, Viola Buitoni hails from Perugia, in the heart of Umbria. She came to the US in 1985 for a business degree, but soon after graduation found herself drawn back into the genetic passion for food. In New York City, she started Buitoni & Garretti, a catering kitchen and Italian fine foods shop. Here in San Francisco, Viola can be found giving lectures on Italian food traditions and trends and cooking classes in collaboration with the SF Italian Cultural Institute and Italian Consulate. She also teaches The Italian Kitchen, a monthly workshop at the Cavallo Point Cooking School; and an ongoing series of food articles and cooking videos for, a UC Berkeley’s School of Journalism blog based in San Francisco’s Mission District where Viola lives.


Chef Camila Loew

Camila Loew

Camila Loew has spent about a third of her life in three different countries, and her cooking style tries to include the best of all of them. She was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, raised in Southern California, and lived in Barcelona for 15 years. She attended culinary school in Barcelona and at the prestigious Natural Gourmet Institute in Manhattan. She moved to Berkeley in 2013. Her cooking style can be described as homemade, fresh, health-supportive and mostly plant-centered. In Barcelona, Camila taught cooking workshops to locals and to Americans visiting Spain. Her academic background (she holds a Ph.D. in Humanities) led her to teach Food and Culture to Americans studying abroad in Barcelona. It was the satisfied students of her classes who first suggested running a Spanish food business in the U.S. She is also responsible for introducing homemade granola to the Spaniards. Camila cooks daily for her family of four, and also teaches cooking and nutrition in the East Bay and San Francisco. When she’s not in her kitchen, you can probably find her riding her bike with her two kids around Berkeley, from farmers’ market to farmers’ market.


Stephanie Horning

Stephanie Horning is the whole grain baker and wellness instructor at the amazing Happy Girl Kitchen Co. in Pacific Grove, California. There she creates new and inventive recipes, making unique gluten-free, vegan, and whole grain pastries with organic and fresh ingredients. She also teaches workshops to the community regarding wellness, wholesome baking, and cooking. Dedicated to well-being and good food, Stephanie marries these two ideas by creating recipes that utilize whole grains and whole foods while empowering her students with nutritional information. Stephanie received her Bachelor of Arts from NYU in 2004 and has since worked in Paris (while exploring their food-culture and lifestyle), earned her yoga teacher certification from Yandara Institute in Baja, Mexico, and is currently finishing her certificate for Holistic Nutrition with Bauman College.


John Hogeland

John Hogeland is a San Franciscan by GPS, but an Iowan by DNA. He is a trained chef and worked in San Francisco for eight years watching and participating in the growth of the sustainable food industry via restaurants. Later he worked as a sommelier and wine buyer for five years, then redirected his food focus and decided to learn the trade of butchery at Whole Foods Market. With 11 years experience in that profession, he is a journeyman butcher and an ardent proponent of “less meat, better meat.” He worked most recently as the Head Butcher for Prather Ranch Meat Company, and earlier as the Head Butcher at The Local Butcher Shop in Berkeley. Even early in life John was involved in food, growing up on a farm in Iowa, canning and cooking with his mother and farming and ranching with his father. In his spare time, he teaches butchery/cooking classes and learns as much as he can about orchardry. He also makes great pies.